Umekichi Journal 2010


2010/05/27 (木) 17:29:17

I cooked Curry-nabe the other day for the first time in my life. First,I was going to get commercially avairable curry soup. But.....there were not it at two kind of super market. So I tried to cook it.
Fortunatelly,it was tasty!!! I will cook it again...


2010/05/22 (土) 16:07:23

I got a great present from my friend little while ago. This is her handmade preserved flower. It's really beautiful!!!!!!! I'm really pleased. Thank you very much Y-san.

ハンドメイドのプリザーブドフラワー(*^_^*) すっごくステキです〜〜♪ ホントに嬉しい〜〜!ありがと〜〜〜(^^)

2010/05/22 (土) 15:46:10

I saw a classmate of Hangul at a cafe near our house this Thu.. Yeah,her house is really near my house. Then we talked a lot while having a piece of cake. She is friendly woman very much. So I enjoyed it.



And....about yesterday. I went to Shinjuku alone,because I had to meet my doctor. After that,I stopped at Shin-Okubo and had Korean Norimaki there. It was good! And,and...I bought 10 kind of facial masks. One my frined gave me the mask before. Then I felt good. And then,I bought them this time.

それから、昨日。新宿の病院へ行って来た。それで帰りに新大久保に寄って、韓国のりまきを食べました。美味しかった(*^_^*) それから・・・10種類のパックを購入。前に友達がくれて結構良かったので、今回自分でも買ってみました〜〜。

2010/05/18 (火) 14:49:01



I went to Shin-Enoshima aquarium,because my husband took a day off today!
You can see Mt.Fiji and Enoshima island from there.It was very good view!!
But.....for good or bad,there were in learge number of kids of the school picnic. So,dolphin's show was really warmed up. I enjoyed it very much.

でも・・・幸か不幸か?^_^;遠足の園児でイッパイ〜〜!それでイルカのショーなんか大盛り上がりでした(笑) おもしろかったです。

2010/05/16 (日) 16:11:15

I saw Tomochika and Hideyuki Nakayama in front of Kamakura station today. She was cute.
After that I visited the Zeniarai-Benten in Kamakura to get some Takarakuji^^;


And....I had Sushi for lunch at Ofuna station. It was inside of the station. And it was standing -up-eating restaurant. My husband had lunch there sometimes,and he always recomended me. So we had it today. This picture"Omakase-plate"was 650yen! Dericious very much.
And....we had Dorayaki for tea time at our house.


2010/05/12 (水) 15:19:41

It was rain yesterday. So I stayed at home all day long. I feel that I'm a exercize too little. Although I have a lot of sweets everyday!!
Then I went shopping to Fijisawa station on foot early afternoon today. But....unfortunately the shopping mall that I wanted to get somethig was a fixed holiday:-<
I can't complain. Then........I had a piece of cake of
LeTAO at Odakyu department store.
I knew it have a Hokkaido festa from today. But...I think...NO!!!! But finally I went there. Oh...what a self-indulgent I am.

ドゥーブルフロマージュという名前のチーズケーキ。写真に載ってる白い生クリームが500円玉ぐらいの大きさだったので、どれだけ1カットが小さいことか^_^; ・・・と出て来た時は思ったんだけど、食べ終わったらちょうどいいサイズでした〜。有名なケーキだし食べたいと思いながらも、1ホール買う勇気は無かったので機会が無かったんだけど、今回は神奈川地区初のイートインカフェってことで、やっと食べれました♪ 


2010/05/09 (日) 14:47:20

Banza----i!!!!! I won two tickets of New Enoshima aquarum. It was Yomiuri news paper's lottery.
I've never been to there,even though it is pretty near my place. I'm happy!!

バンザーーイ!!! 読売新聞の抽選で新江の島水族館のチケット2枚ゲット!!

2010/05/07 (金) 13:14:09


About my GW.....
My sister's family came my house from Yokohama on May 4th.
Then I cooked Tetsuyaki-Bibimbap and fried White gyoza....and so on.
They have two sons. But the eldest son who is second year of junior high school went for a training camp of the soccer then. So only youngest son who is third grade of elementaly school came here.
He was really powerfull boy^^; So my Umekichi and Kerokero were bullied by him....(tt)
Anyway,we enjoyed the holiday.


And then,one my neigbor invited me her house yesterday.
We chatted a lot for over 2 hours. I was very happy.


2010/05/03 (月) 20:10:47



I watched J -league soccer game at Nissan stadium for the first time on May 1st.. It was Yokohama F.Marinos vs Jubilo Iwata. It was good. But I was moved by supporter's impressive performance more than the game. Hahaha....



On May 2nd. I went to Oiso by train. And I walked Oiso-juku of Tokaido.
It was pretty hot day. So I was tired.


! I went to Harajuku and Omotesando area.
All streets were trafficky!!! Unbelievable(><)

そして今日! 原宿&表参道へ行ってきた。すべての通りが大混雑(><) すごかった〜〜!