Umekichi Journal2009


2009/07/31 (金) 14:15:57

I had my hair cut this morning for the first time in 4 moths. It was 10cm shorter than before. It's not bad.


2009/07/26 (日) 18:04:01


I went to see fireworks event to Ube city yesterday. It was pretty big one in Yamagichi Pref..
It rained off and on yeaterday's morning. Then I saw web site of Ube city,then it said "We will make a go or no go decision after 3:00pm."
I guessed it will be canceled. was done.
Although it started 8:00pm,I arrived there about 5:30pm. And I got a good space to see well.It was a covered place. After that,it was still raining hard.
As time at 7:00pm, I heard an announcement "We decided do it!" Phew....
But after that,the rain was getting heavy:-< I only half believed it. Besides it was little cold.
At last I was able to see great event. I sat down and took some pictures. So there were a lot of combers in front of me. But....they wer not so bad.
My husband drank some beer,so I had to drive to my house about 77km.

でもでも結局は見ることができました〜〜(*^_^*)座って写真を撮ったので前に邪魔者がイッパイ(TT) でもそれも悪く無いと思いました。

2009/07/23 (木) 17:47:43

I took a Hungl lesson today,too. I studied how to explain of direction to somewhere. It's too difficult for me.
My teacher will go back to her home town,near Seoul for a month. So I don't have a lesson during August.
And I was gave some homeworks,so I have to do!!


By the way,these days I got many good gifts from my friends.
One my friend who went to Osakajo hall with me gave a mini towel of TOHOSHINKI. She got this one at Premium event in Omotesando. I never use it.


Another one,one my friend who lives in Chiba Pref.sent me
Nure-senbei. I heard that was famous one in Choshi Electric Railway.
It was pretty strong-tasting of soy sauce,but dericious^^.


And another one was...TVXQ's DVD.
One my friend made me some DVD that TVXQ's TV program's. We met each other through this homepage!!! She is my friend's friend. I'm very happy.
Have a look at these disks. The print is sooo cool!!!


2009/07/20 (月) 20:21:09

I went to around Iwami Ginzan yesterday,even though it was raining. I've been there once. That time I only walked the old town. I didn't to see the Ginzan. Although,I did so this time,too. Hahaha...
Maybe I never see it forever.
After that,I stopped at
Nima Sand Museum. There were many kind of sand clocks. It was interesting very much.

昨日は雨なのに石見銀山周辺へ行ってきました。前にも1度行ったけど、その時は街並みを歩いただけで、銀山までたどり着かなかったんだけど、今回もそうしました(笑) きっと一生銀山にたどり着かない気がする・・・^_^;

2009/07/17 (金) 14:26:48

I got one more Kerorin the other day. So...I have 3Kerorin now!! Umm....cute!!


2009/07/16 (木) 21:26:35

It was very beautiful,but strange sunset yesterday!! Some my friends said "I took a picture of yesterday's sunset." So,I said "Me,too! Me,too!" It was really strange.
I took a Hungul lesson today,even though my husband was at home today^^.
By the way,Yahoo has some trouble now,so I can't up date this page and I can't see this page on the net. Too bad!


2009/07/13 (月) 15:42:15

I washed my car yesterday's morning. After that,I went for lunch to Serika. It was good restaurant at Kaminoseki town. I've been there several times. I like Serika-plate. It was really tasty. But I had hamburger steak plate this time. Then,it was really tasty,too!!!
This restaurant is locakted on the sea,the stuffs are familiar and very tasty!! Great!
Oh,I wish it was near my house......
By the way,my husband drank a glass of beer there,so I drove to my house after a long long time^^; I'm fine now...Phew^^


2009/07/09 (木) 17:54:30

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I spent my money on a cloth today!! It was unplanned purchase(><).
But.....Have a look at this! It's very cute,isn't it?? I couldn't buy it after I tried it on. So good!!
As you see,it's long-sleeved,so I can wear any season! And of couase it was a sale.


2009/07/08 (水) 15:13:52


Umm....I have nothing special things.
This flog called
Kerorin came my house the month before last. And....the small Kerorin came here last week. Umm....both are very cute^^;

このカエルちゃん<ケロリン>は、5月に我が家へ来ましたが、先週小さい子もやってきました(笑) どっちも可愛くて・・・・・(*^_^*)

2009/07/06 (月) 15:30:23

I went walking to Kaido of Hiroshima pref.last Saturday,too. It was ...around Kaidaichi-juku and so on. I forget to take a passometer,so I don't know how steps did I walk. But it was 1and a half hour. Phew...I got tired very much.

By the way,,I cooked something for dinner at my house the day's evening. Then it smelled something burning. It wasn't in my house. So, I opened the window. Then,I saw dark smoke at the balcony of next door's.
First,my husband said "Maybe it's ash tray,so no problem." But.....after a while,it wasn't put out. So....I pushed the buzzer of the next door's.But....they were not home.
After that,I went to the next door's parents house and told about it. (I don't close with the family. But I don't know why I know the parents house.)
At last, it was tabacco fumes brought on to burn plastic.
It was sooooo bad smell.


最初は、主人が「灰皿やろ〜。大丈夫や」とか言ってたのですが全然おさまらないので、隣の家に行ってベルを押したんだけど留守(><) なのでその隣の人の実家に行って説明してきた。(その隣人とは全く付き合いもないが、実家がそこだと知ってたので)。