Umekichi Journal2009


2009/05/29 (金) 9:14:22

My husband took a day-off yesterday. So I tried to cook Ishiyaki-Bibimpab for lunch for the first time. I don't have a stone pan,so I used a Sukiyaki-nabe instead. It was very good!! I will cook it again soon.
And.....I went to golf practicing after a long time.


2009/05/25 (月) 9:11:14

I went to Susa hornfels yesterday. It was Susa,Hagi city. It was spectacular nature. Great!


And,I cooked Fuki-no tsukudani the day before yesterday,again.
This time,I peeled and boiled fuki's before cook it. After that,I simmered over low heat them. Then...first,I felt too soft!(><)! But...after a period of time,it was getting tasty!!!! How nice! I like it very much,even though I hate Fuki. hahaha....


2009/05/23 (土) 16:00:38

I check the website of avex and Osakajo Hall every day every time these days.
Avex canceled Ayumi Hamasaki's ,Ai Otsuka's and Kumi Koda's concert in Kobe and Osaka the other day. TVXQ is a member of avex,so I'm afraid it. Please don't stop their concert!!!!!
The other hand,I don't want to catch a flu. And of course I don't want that TVXQ catch a flu.
By the way,there were not any mask everywhere in Japan now. My sister who lives Yokohama called me and asked about mask yesterday. Is next Kanto area's turn?? Take care......


2009/05/18 (月) 16:47:28

It was rain and little chilly yesterday. So I took a hot springs at Sunshine Sazanseto in Suoh-Oshima island. It was resort hotel. Maybe it was season off,so there were very few. I enjoyed and relaxed the hot spring very well.
By the way,the
flu of new-type is going around in Osaka and Hyogo now!!!! One friend who lives in Kobe emailed me"Please send me some mask"today. So I went out for get it this afternoon. I went 4 supermarkets and drug stores. But almost sold out. Fortunatelly,I got a little. And then,I send them to her. Phew....
After that,I got a email from my mother-in-law and she said "There are not any masks in Osaka."
Oh,my god!!! I have to check it everyday after this.

I'm very afraid about TVXQ's concert in 24 day.



2009/05/16 (土) 15:48:39

OH! MY! GOD!!!!!!!
Today,Umekichi's rival came my house!!!!! His name is
Pickles. He is really soft to the touch.
I was interested in it since last year. Then,finally I got it.'s BIG!


2009/05/15 (金) 13:33:15

My husband went to Tokyo for business yesterday again. It was day trip. So he said "Maybe I couldn't get any souvenir because I don't have a time" when he left a house.
So,I didn't expect it.
Then,he got back here with two kind of
Nenrinya's BaumKuchen!!!!!!! Wow!!!Wonderful!!!
It's dreamy. I asked him "Are you going to give one for someone??" He answered "No,I don't"
Then,I gonna eat them everyday. Hahaha.......

昨日My husband がまた日帰りで東京へ出張だったんだけど、行く前に「今日は時間がないから何も買ってこない」って言ってたんです。
「ねんりん屋」のバウムクーヘンを2種類も持ってるじゃないの!?スゴイ!!!夢みたい♪♪♪ 「1つ誰かにあげるの?」って聞いたら「別に」ってことで、私が毎日食べることにした〜〜(*^_^*)エヘヘ。

2009/05/14 (木) 18:48:25


I bought some Fuki(Japanese butterbur?)yesterday. My mother-in-law often cooked Tsukudani of fuki with sanshou(Japanese pepper?). I don't like Fuki very much. But the Tsukudani is really tasty! So,I tried to cook it for the first time. Mother-in-law's it were more black color. But mine was not yet green and hard. Maybe,I did ress soy sauce. I wanna try it again sometime.

昨日フキを買ってきた。お姑さんがよく山椒入りのフキに佃煮を作ってて、私はフキが嫌いなんだけど、これはかなり美味しいから、初めて挑戦してみました。お義母さんのは真っ黒なんだけど私のは。。。まだ緑だし堅かった(T_T) 醤油を控えすぎたかな??また挑戦してみたいです。

And.....I took a Hungle class today,too. It can be very difficult to learn about New language.
But all classmate were really good person. So I always enjoyed their talking after lessun. Hanana. It is like main thing is chatting.


2009/05/11 (月) 14:58:03

I took a Hungle class last Thu.,too. There was a person who went to see TVXQ's concert in Kobe. This sweets(Goflet)is her souvenir. It was pretty tasty! One of TVXQ member Junsu hurt his ankle the other day. So I'm worried about him. Many people who already went to see their concert in Kobe and Saitama updated about it on their blog. According to them,Junsu and all member seemed fine,even though Junsu couldn't do hard dancing. Phew...
The day that I can see TVXQ is in a month.


By the way,I prepare a lunch box these days,too. I cooked shumai(^^). It was good.


2009/05/08 (金) 12:25:26

About my GW holiday.


I went to Akashi city on May 2nd with my husband by car.
First,we had
Akashi-yaki for lunch near Akashi station. There were long long line in front of popular restaurant,so we went to an uncrowded one. It so.
After that,we stopped at my parents house and had a cup of tea. And then,we left there an hour later.
We arrived at my husband's parents house(Osaka city)around 4:00pm. We stayed there two nights.

5月2日にmy husband と一緒に車で明石へ。
その後、私の実家へ寄ってお茶して1時間ぐらいで出発して、my husbandの実家(大阪市)に午後4時ごろに到着。そこで2泊しました。


My husband's brother has a black Labrador retriever,so we went to see him for the first time. I tried to take the dog for a walk. He was really clever boy,so I could do it. I enjoyed it very much.
And,and.....I went to Umeda,too. I bought two kind of tunic one-pieces. One of them was gift from mother-in-law. I will wear it to TVXQ's concert next month.
By the way,I saw TVXQ's ads near Umeda by chance. Hahaha.....Cool!!!!!

my husbandの兄弟が黒ラブちゃんを飼っているので、初めて会いに行ってみた。 散歩もさせてもらったんだけど、とっても賢いワンコなので私にも出来た〜♪ 楽しかった。


We left Osaka on May 4th. We passed Hanshin expressway,Akashi Kaikyo bridge and Naruto bridge to Kagawa pref..
We had
Sanuki Udon for lunch. After that,we stopped at Kotohiragu shrine for the first time in my life. There were 785steps. It was a flight of steep steps very much. So it was pretty hard.
And then,we took an expressway again,passed Seto bridge and so on.
Finally,we arrived our house 10:30pm. (We left Osaka 8:00am)
I was sooooooooooooooooooo tired,even though I didn't drive by myself all way long.Hahaha...

め〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜っちゃ疲れた〜〜〜:-< しかも全く一度も私は運転して無いのに〜^_^;