Umekichi Journal2008


2008/11/28 (金) 18:43:16

I've never had a flu in my life. But I got a flu shot this Wednesday for the first time after I have grown up.
Then,I was worried about side-effects. But I'm still pretty fine. Phew....

それで、注射の副作用が心配だったんだけど・・・今のところまだ元気です(笑) ほっ。。。

2008/11/26 (水) 12:27:13

I went to parents of my husband's house last weekend by car.
I left my house at 7:00pm and arrived Osaka around 1:00am. I could receive a discount on an expressway tolls by ETC. The tollage was just 10,000yen RT. How good! ETC is great.
Then,my husband suddenly said "I wanna go to Tofukuji-temple to see yellow and red reaves"on Sunday morning. Then we got on Keihan Railway and got off at Tofukuji station. But.....there were countless people. Unbelievable!!! It looked like New Year's day or something. I heard it takes me about 5minutes on my foot. But....I felt I can't arrive at Tofukuji temple forever.
After 15 or 20 minutes,we desided "Let's give up!!" And then we turned back to the station. And....we went to Umeda for shopping. hahaha... We hate standing in line.
What was Tofukuji temple......


By the way,NHK has announced the linnup of singers for 紅白歌合戦 yesterday. According to it, my most favorite group TVXQ will appear in the stage! Wow!!!! Great!!!! I can't wait to seeing them.


2008/11/19 (水) 8:57:07

This Sunday,I went to Ryuzoji-temple in Yamaguchi city. I online researched about yellow and red leaves before I went there. Then,the leaves of the temple was beginning to change color. Although,I went there.
It was cloudy day. And it looked too late(?)


2008/11/15 (土) 13:19:19


Isn't it beautihul?? I love sunset from my balcony.



By the way,I cooked Taco-rice the other day. Yeah,the taco was from Akashi. I cooked it randomly,but pretty good.



And then,I went to a bazaar to junior high school near my house with my friend this Wednesday. There was a small cafe,so we had cake with a coup of coffee. It was 270yen!
The cake was very reasonable,even thought it was very tasty. We wanted to take away some piece of cakes, was already sold out.


2008/11/11 (火) 15:52:43

I went to see my otologic doctor yesterday. And I got three kind of medicines. I have to go there in two week again. My symptom is getting better little by little.
By the way,I walked a lot this weekend. My husband had a headache,so I went out alone. I tried to walk to
SunLive. It was the most far supermarket I can go by bicycle. I went there on foot for the first time. It took me for 35minutes each way. wasn't matter.... But I bought some foods there,so it was little hard to get back home.
I have to walk or do something training, stomach begins to bulge these days:-<

「サンリブ」という自転車で行ける範囲でいちばん遠いスーパーへ、初めて歩いてみた。片道35分。う〜む、大したこと無いなぁ・・・・(;_:) でも帰りは買い物したモノを持ってだから、ちょっとしんどかったけど。

2008/11/07 (金) 18:02:50

I went to see my doctor today. I left my house at 9:30am and I got back about 3:00pm. Phew... I spent my veluable time at the hospital...
By the way,the doctor who I saw today was a
physician. I took a blood test. And I told him "I have had like a cold since in late September." And "I saw an otologic doctor three weeks ago.".....and so on. Then he said "I think it is not a cold,because too prolonged."And "I guess there are something problems."
At last,I will continue a treatment of nose. I have to go to hospital in three day. Umm....I have no money.


2008/11/04 (火) 18:28:06


Yesterday,I went walking around Kano with my husband by car. We saw yellow and red leaves just a little. It was too early to see it.


ホテル、ザ・グラマシーのランチプレート,I went for lunch to The GRAMERCY in Tokuyama with one friend. We had a bagle lunch plate each other and shared one plate of N.Y role sushi. They were pretty tasty! I had such a stylish lunch after a long time. hahaha...


And and.....there was already Christamas tree in the lobby of the hotel. Beautiful!


2008/11/02 (日) 20:20:51


I went to Shimane Aquarium-AQUAS yesterday. I've been there once.
There were 3white whales. They showed us to make a bubble rings. I heard that it's only here in the world. Besides,if you can see it,you will be happy,they say. I saw it this time,too.
Anyway,white whales were really clever and cute. I love them.
After that,I stopped at Iwami-tatamigaura near AQUAS. It was very strange view!! I've never seen it. This sea coast is designated as a protected species. It was great!