Umekichi Journal2008

2008/10/31 (金) 16:08:35

I baked a bread after a long time this afternoon,because...there was close-to-date bread flour in my fridge.
It looks not good this time,too. Well,I don't mind.

今回も、見栄えがイマイチだな〜(T_T) でもまあ、気にしない!

2008/10/31 (金) 9:35:28

A friend of mine gave me a Hayato-uri the other day. I've never seen it. Then I checked up about it on the net. I saw it is ....from Kagoshima and so on. And I searched how to cook. After that I cut it in rectangles and fried with lancheon meat. The seasoning was salt,pepper and soy sauce. The Hayato-uri had crunchy texture. I like it. I heard that it was sold pretty high price around Kanto area. On the other hand,it was sold at a low price around here. So,I wanna get it again,and cook another way.
Oh,I forgot to tell husband cooked it last night.

なので、ネットで調べてみたら・・・どうやら鹿児島産のウリらしい。調理方法も調べてみて、私はウリを短冊切りにして、ランチョンミートと一緒に塩・コショウ・醤油で味付けしてみました。隼人瓜はシャキシャキした食感で美味しかった♪ 関東とかでは値段が高いらしいけど、この辺ではお手頃価格で売っているらしいので、またゲットしたら他の料理で食べてみたい。。。

2008/10/29 (水) 13:43:57


One my friend who is my neighbour and I visited another neighbour's house yesterday's afternoon. Of course she is my friend,too.
Then,I wanted to eat this rolled cake. So I took it. It's pretty big,isn't it?? The taste was not bad.
We enjoyed chat while eating them. I had a great time.
By the way....I only wrote about sweets or foods these days.... Hahaha..


2008/10/27 (月) 17:45:28

I baked some cookies this morning,because...there was 150g butter in my fridge that I have to use by the end of the month. These cookies with plenty of butter were tasty! I love it.
Then,I gave a little for my neighbour.

冷蔵庫に今月中に使わないとダメなバターが150gあったので、今朝クッキーを焼いた。バターたっぷりのクッキーは大好き♪ まあまあうまく出来たので、ご近所のお友達に、お裾わけしました〜。

2008/10/26 (日) 19:15:23

 I went out to have a noodle for lunch to Hikari city today. I've been there once. The soup was made with seafood,so it was pretty unique taste. I pretty like it.
 After that,I went to SEIYU by myslf and saw my friend and her doughter. We joined one game. We played bingo there. The SEIYU had the ivent 3times-today,last Sunday and the week ago last Sunday. I joined it first time today. But my friend joyned all times. Besides,she got many things. First time she got a toaster oven. Second time she got gift vaucher 5,000yen and another vaucher. And,this time she got gift vaucher 5,000yen and toaster oven again!!! She was really really lucky in lotteries!!!!!! I envy her very much.
About me? I got a briefcase. My husband said"I never use such a thing." So,I will contribute bazaar it.


2008/10/22 (水) 14:24:27

I went to the hospital yesterday morning,because...I feel my nose,throat and right ear have had something problem since I had a cold last month. Then,I have a paranasal sinusitis. It is not so serious. I got some medicines for 3weeks. I have to meet my doctor in 3weeks.


By the way,my husband went to Tokyo this weekend and he bought me beautiful sweets. It was a hole of baum kuchen of Nenrinya. I really really love it:-P


2008/10/17 (金) 14:52:29


I went out to bazaar of one elementrly school with my neighbors yesterday morning.
We had Udon and cake with coffee. They were good. I had a piece of "Mochikko role."
The dough had a unique texture,really mochi-mochi. I like it very much.
We will go out to junior high school's next month.

昨日の午前中は、ご近所さんと小学校にバザーへ行きました。うどんとケーキセット食べて美味しかった〜♪ 私は「もちっこロール」というケーキを食べたんだけど、生地が本当にモチモチした食感で変わってて、すごく美味しかったデス。

2008/10/15 (水) 17:34:59

I went to Ryuzaki hot sorings this Sunday. I've been there on August 24. It was pretty good. I relaxed well. And it was Oshima island,so I like the view along the coast.


And.. I took a picture of sunset that day from my balcony. It was soooo good,wasn't it?


And,and,and.....I had a piece of cake,because my birthday yesterday! Phew...
I'm getting...."Obachan"


2008/10/11 (土) 15:32:07


My parents gave me a boiled octopus from Akashi cty yesterday. I like it. But...octopus's looks was pretty strange....
I had two tentacles with wasabi and soy sauce last night. So I will make a vinegared dish with cucumber. And I'm going to keep the rest in a freezer.



And then,friend of mine gave me some biscotti the other day. Off course it was her handmade. I sopped it in coffee and ate. Soooooo delicious!!! I want to have it more!!!Can I make it???

それから、先日友達の手作りビスコッティを頂きました。コーヒーに浸して食べたら、めっちゃ美味しかった〜〜♪ もっと食べたい〜〜!!! 私にも作れるかな??

2008/10/07 (火) 16:08:13

Finally,I finished to update of my Seoul Diary. Please check it up!!



2008/10/06 (月) 16:31:40


I went out for lunch to Restaurant SERKA. It was Kminoseki town,Yamaguchi Pref..
I've been there twice. I always had "SERIKA plate." It was really good for me,because not so much. I ate everything yesterday,too.
By the way,it was the southernmost restaurant in Yamaguchi Pref.. I don't know it was true or not. But it was really good place. Unfortunately it rained yeterday.