Umekichi Journal2008


2008/09/29 (月) 14:12:46

I've had a cold since last Wednesday. I have runny and stuffy noses. Uh.....
Last Saturday,I went to
Hanbe hot springs in Hiroshima city with my husband. It looked pretty good. But I couldn't take it,because a cold. Then,I waited my husband in the lobby for 30-40minutes. After that we had a lunch there. I choose a Yakuzen-plate. There were Gokoku-mai,roasted beef with sliced onion, maitake and banana. The menu said banana helps digestion.


And then,we went to central Hiroshima and did shopping. I bought a CD after a long time except TVXQ. It was Folclore. It was pretty good.

それから広島市街地へ行き、お買いもの。私は「フォルクローレ」のCDを買った。CD買うのは東方神起を除いたら久々〜〜(笑) フォルクローレ、なかなかグーです。

2008/09/22 (月) 16:31:13

I attended my friend's child's sports festival at elementaly school very near my house today. friend asked me "Please take a picture of my doughter."
She came out Kibasen,foot race,relay...and so on. It was pretty hot today,but I enjoyed them.


2008/09/19 (金) 17:57:30

Yesterday,I saw beautiful sunset from my balcony. Then I took a picture.

After few minutes,it got more red. So I took a picture again.

And then,I went to my neighbour F's house this afternoon. I went there for the first time. We was talking while eating sweets. I had a great time today,too.


2008/09/18 (木) 17:18:46

Two people came my place today. One of them was my neighbour. Ond another one was her friend from lesson of Korean conversation. Her friend went to Seoul last month,so we talked about our trip each other.
They stayed here from 10:00am to 3:00pm. We talked a lot while watching and listning TVXQ's.
We had a great time!


2008/09/14 (日) 19:47:02


I made a reservation of Hikimikyo hot springs in Shimane pref.the other day. And then I went there today. It was a day trip. I had a break at a room of ryokan after took a hot springs and had a lunch there. It was ,3150yen per person. Isn't it very reasonable!?
And I stopped at Hikimikyo ravine just a little. There were many kind of strange mushrooms. I was scared.



2008/09/13 (土) 14:16:51

I'm fine these days,too. I build my Seoul diary every day. I need little more time.
By the way,I became a friend of young girl in Seoul. We exchanged email address each other. And we were email friend after that. We write email in English. How nice English is!? I'm very glad to meet her.

ところで、ソウルで若い女性のお友達ができました(*^_^*) メルアドを交換して、その後メル友になりました〜〜。英語でメール交換しています。英語って。。。素晴らしい〜!そしてお友達が出来て、ハッピーです♪

2008/09/09 (火) 18:02:25

朝の明洞周辺 ギャラリア百貨店

I already got back from SEOUL last Saturday's night. I enjoyed the trip very much!! I visited many interesting place this time,too. I took about 500 pictures. I'm little crazy... Hahaha...
I'll up date them soon.


2008/09/02 (火) 18:24:42

It's 13th wedding aniversary today!! Wow! 13!!! Great!! I want to get this day happily forever.
And then,I'm going to go to Seoul with my friend for 4days. I can't wait....