Umekichi Journal2008


2008/08/26 (火) 15:42:52


I went to Suo-oshima Island this Saturday for take a hot springs. My husband got a good information from his work associate. Then,we went there. The hot spring was called "Ryuzaki hot springs." It was uncommon color,sepia. I felt good.


And he got an information of restaurant for lunch. It was "Cafe MISAKI". There were many kind of curry. I had chicken curry and he had seafood curry. Both were pretty good! Besides it was very smart restaurant,so I felt like a fish out of water. Hahaha...


2008/08/23 (土) 14:32:20


Lately,I take Yomeishu once a day befor I go to bed for my health. It is medicated drink,so pretty taste bad. And the description said "You have to take it 3times a day." So I don't know it has some effect or not.

最近、寝る前に養命酒を飲んでま〜す(笑) 薬用なので結構マズイ。。。 説明書には1日3回飲むように書いてあるんだけど・・・。なので効果があるのかどうかよくわかりませんが・・。

2008/08/21 (木) 15:07:20

I repelled ticks from my house with Varsan yesterday.
I covered all of things with plastic bag and news paper in my house. And then I had to go out for over 3hours.It was 10:00am. So,I went shopping to usual mall. Then I saw my neighbor by chance. After that,I stayed her house for a while. And then,I got back my house at 14:00pm.
It was more smorking that I thought. I opend all of windows and door in a rush. And,and.....cleaned up the whole house. I was very tired....

部屋中のモノをビニール袋や新聞紙でカバーして、それから10時から3時間以上出かけていないとダメだったので、いつものショッピングモールへ行った。そしたら偶然にもご近所さんに会い、その後、彼女の家にお邪魔して過ごした。午後2時になって家に戻ったら、予想以上に煙ってた(><) 大急ぎで窓やドアを開放し、家中大掃除。。。あぁ・・・しんどかった。

2008/08/19 (火) 9:29:05

 らかん高原。。。雨のカーテンが見えてた!  美川ムーバレーの地底王国。。。暗いので写真にあまり映らなかった。   

On August 13,my husband and I went to drive to Rakan tableland,Iwakuni city. There were some cows in the farm. So,I took some pictures for New Year's card to next year. The tableland was very cool. That time,it was 24℃. How comfortable!! I want to move there only summer.
After that,we stopped at Under Ground Kingdom MIKAWA MUVALLEY. You can enjoy an adventure in the cave. You takes a metal plate and old map at the starting point. And you get start it. (For details ......
By the way,the cave was so cool,too. So,we were able to cool down,even though it was very hot and humid day.


On August 14,we went to SagaPref.for the first time.
There was a Premium Outlet in Tosu. We bought some clothes and shoes. I love outlet! I want it near my house!
After that,we went to Karatsu castle. And,and...we had flesh squid for dinner. Yobuko is famous for squid. It was very good. tell the truth,we felt pitiful squid...

   鳥栖プレミアムアウトレット。。。広かったよ。  唐津城。。。中には入らなかったけどね



2008/08/17 (日) 19:45:14

I'll write about my long Bon holiday here.....


On August7,I went to my parents house by Shinkansen alone.
On August8,I saw one my friend. And we two went to do karaoke as usual. We chose Dam. It had TOHOSHINKI's 56Japanese songs and about 20Korean songs. Then,we sang them for 5hours. We only two people sang 5hours!!! How crazy us!! But we really enjoyed that time. After that,we made a plan of trip to Seoul while having dinner.

8月8日は、友達と会い、いつもどおりカラオケ行った。機種はダムを選んだ。ダムには東方神起の曲が日本語曲56曲と、韓国語20曲ぐらいあって、5時間も歌った(~_~;) 2人で5時間!凄いわ〜〜(^_^;) でもかなり楽しかった♪ その後、夕飯を食べながらソウル旅行のプランなど立てた。

On August9,my father-in-law hold a Buddhist memorial service for his brother. So,my husband's family attended. And we had dinner at one restaurant near Kyobashi. That time,I stopped at Shinsekai for the first time in my life.



On August10,my husband went to play golf,so I went shopping to Keihan department store with my mother-in-law. I got some 551's Butaman after a long time. It was really good.


On August11,I went to my parents house again with my husband. And we had a lunch with my parents. After that,we drove to our house. And we stopped at Kurashiki. It was around 5:00pm when we arrived there. So we walked around with quick steps. Although it was very hot and humid.



On August 12,we lay around the house whole day. Phew...


to be continued later...

2008/08/06 (水) 15:08:56

I'm crazy about TOHOSHINKI now. Then,I got their DVD today. It called "3rd LIVE TOUR 2008〜T〜". It was the release date today. I already finished to see it little while ago. My comments are....Umm..... I saw their 2nd Live tour on TV this spring. It was great!! They were really coooool!! Well,I know it will satisfy me after seeing it again and again.
I gonna go to my parents house from this weekend. After that I will stay at my husband's hometown. And then we have a lot of plans on the Bon holiday. I will enjoy them.

今は、東方神起に夢中です。それで<TOHOSHINKI 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008〜 T〜>のDVDを今日ゲットしました。今日が発売日です。すでにさっき見終わったのですが、感想は・・・「う〜む?」です。彼らのセカンドライブの映像は今年の春にテレビで見たのですが、これが超カッコ良かったんです。(そのライブ見てファンになった)。でもまあ・・・このあと何度も何度も見たら、満足できると思います。

2008/08/04 (月) 12:34:46

My digital camera got back safely last......Wednesday. Phew....
And then,I went to see Fireworks festival to Kintaikyo bridge last Saturday. To tell the truth,I got tired because of the summer heat these days. I am not able to eat a lot. So I lost my weight 2-3kg. And I always feel weak. So I did not feel like doing it. But I went.
I've seen it once. It was last year. That time I stayed pretty far place from Kintaikyo bridge and I took some pictures of the fireworks with Kintaikyo bridge. So this time,I stayed very near place from the shoot point. It was 2 hours ahead of the showtime,when I arrived there. Fortunately the river side already fell under shadow of mountains. So it wasn't hot and humid than I thought. Safe!!!
After that,I enjoyed very much.

錦帯橋の花火 ハート型の花火 途中で帰ったんだけど、民家の合間から見えた花火♪コレが一番うまく撮れた(笑)