Umekichi Journal2008

2008/04/29 (火) 18:23:04


Today's morning,I washed a car. And then...I took a walk around my house with my husband this afternoon. We saw many beautiful floweres and cute dog. The dog was really really smart and friendly. I wanna have such dog some day.


2008/04/27 (日) 20:06:07

 My husband got back from Tokyo by air plane yesterday. Then,we met at JR Shin-Yamaguchi staion and then,we went to see rice terrace to Yuya-cho,Nagato City,Yamaguchi Pref..
It is the most biggest rice terrace in western Japan. I heard that farmers usually let water flow to their in mid-May. But it was pretty beautiful yesterday. I love such a view. I wanna go there again.


2008/04/25 (金) 15:50:24

 Last Sunday,the premier Fukuda came one shopping mall that I go there frequently. As you know,election day is this Sunday. But...I didn't know about it,so I couldn't see him.
And,Naoto Kan will come one park very near my house tomorrow. But I'm gonna go out whole day tomorrow,so I can't see him. Oh....I'm disappointed.
 Well,I'm not interested in them. I only want to see famous persons. hahaha.....
 By the way,my husband went to Tokyo from this morning. So I stay my house alone tonight. What should I do??


2008/04/19 (土) 18:08:37

I baked a bread today. It looks good before removing from the case. But.....after you see.
Umm.... bakeing is difficult very much.


2008/04/18 (金) 14:46:48

I cooked them yesterday. They were pretty good. In fact,I hate seaweed,but I could have them.
My husband said "Oh!!! I can feel Spring." and he seemed happy. So,I was happy,too. I saw that It was not difficult to cook bamboo shoots. I will cook them next spring,too.


2008/04/16 (水) 16:20:21


 I parboiled bamboo shoots today for the first time in my life. Yesterday I bought this one at a supermarket. But I didn't know what shapes was good and what looks was good. So...I choose this one. And I looked some recipe on the net. Then,they almost said "boil it about 1hour." But it didn't become tender after one hour,so I boiled it over 2 hours. Is it OK?? Umm... I'm going to cook dish with seaweed tomorrow. Can I cook it?? I have to search the recipe,too.


2008/04/14 (月) 17:58:43

Finally,I appeared in the TV show today!! The proglam was "Town News."
This proglam was broadcasted twelve times a day. How embarrassing!! Besides,I looked older woman than I thought. Am I always so?? Am I really such a Obachan?? I was disappinted very much. Anyway,I videotaped it. Hahaha....


2008/04/13 (日) 14:44:59


I went to see Cherry blossoms today,too. These photos were Tokusa-tenmangu shrine. It was famous for Shidare-zakura. It already passed peak of good,but it was not bad,I felt.


2008/04/12 (土) 14:17:58

 My husband's car had a safety inspection last Saturday. Usually,we waited at Tokuyama zoo near Lexus shop when such a day about for 2hours. But,this time,the inspection needed about 5 to 6hours. So,we had a loaner. The loaner car was more expensive than my car. Oh,I see.It was prot of car sales promotion. I heard that car was about 8,000,000yen. Whew! We never can get it.

先週土曜日、車を点検に持って行った。いつもなら点検時は2時間程度なので隣の徳山動物園で時間を過ごすのだけど、今回は5〜6時間かかるということで、代車を借りました。自分の車よりも代車の方が高級。。。(・_・;) 車を買い替えたくさせようという戦略だね〜〜(^_^;) でもこの車は800万ぐらいらしい。ヒャー!!! そんなん絶対買えません。

2008/04/08 (火) 15:23:48

One man with TV camera called to me when I stopped at a red light today. It was my way home from super market.
He said "Could you answer a few questions for our cable broadcast?" I was surprised and asked him "What about??"
It was..about the traffic rights. Yeah,the system of the intersection was chenged the otehr day.
He said..."Ready...?"bfore I answered "Yes or No."
"Did you know about this system of traffic right change?"
"How do you think about it?"......etc. I answered them suitably. Does they use this?? I guess maybe no.
Anyway,I will check up the TV program "Town News"this evening.


2008/04/06 (日) 11:04:44


I went to see cherry blossoms two place yesterday. One of them was Kintaikyo-bridge. Regrettably,they still blossomed 70 to 80percent. But there were countless peaple and they had a lunch under the tree. And another one was the river side near my house. They were illuminated period now,so very beautiful!!


2008/04/03 (木) 12:08:26


 How is it?? I took a picture at same place as yesterday. Umm...they are gradually getting bloom day by day. I heard that their best was already finished around Tokyo. Is it usual?? I have no idea.

2008/04/02 (水) 11:44:33

    近所の桜-cherry blossoms of near my house

 It's still little cold,even though it's April these days. Then,I took this photo little while ago. There are row of cherry blossom trees near my house. They blossomes about 20 to 30 percent now. I guess...this weekend is at their best.