Umekichi Journal2008


2008/01/28 (月) 15:43:16

  Japanese sea-日本海

I went for drive to around Hagi yesterday. It was my first long drive in a while.
Japanese sea was deep blue and really beautiful. I felt good very much,even though it was very cold.
Anyway,I still have a cough and sore throat. Umm...


2008/01/24 (木) 16:55:10

Oh,No!!! I saw a crow that was eating something from plastic bag at bicycle parking area of one shopping mall. The crow cleverly got some food. Oh....terrible!!! Then,I took this picture.
I don't know whose bike that was. Maybe.....the man or woman will be surprised very much. Can they know who is the devil?? I'm really sorry.

キャーー! ショッピングセンターの駐輪場で、自転車のカゴの買い物袋から何かを食べているカラスに遭遇!めっちゃ上手に取り出してつまんで食べていました〜〜。怖い〜〜っっ。なので写真を撮ってやりました。

2008/01/19 (土) 17:44:33

前を通りかかって、突然行こうと思い立ち、内科でどういう薬ももらってたかとか情報が無いまま行ってしまった(-_-;) それで、先生に”20日前から風邪ひいて、ノド&咳&痰が治まらない”と説明した。ノドの奥を鏡みたいなので診てくれて、ノドには異常が無いらしく、「ノドの痛みは、朝起きた時が一番ひどくて、モノを食べても痛くないでしょ?」と言われ、肯定したら・・・「アレルギーです。1週間でスッキリ治しましょう!」って言われた(^_^;)

2008/01/16 (水) 13:25:05


About my year-end........
I saw my best friend and we went out to Karaoke as usual. There were two kind of Karaoke machines,JOY SOUND and DAM at the Karaoke bar. The shop stuff always asked us "Which do you like them?" That time we selected JOY SOUND. But....after that,we were changed to DAM,because it had a lot of Korean songs :->.



I stayed my parents house 3days,and my husband came there later and stayed one day. And then,we went to his parents house together by car. We had lunch at INDIAN CURRY in front of JR Ashiya station. We often went there when we got back our hometown. My husnabd loves curry of this restaurant. It is really tasty,but too hot for me.
And then.I stopped at Nishinomiya shrine. Yeah,it was famous for Fuku-otoko of Toka-ebisu.


2008/01/12 (土) 11:43:54

I'm still not good. I have a bad cough. And I feel pain in my chest. So I went to see my docter this morning and I had x-rayed and blood test. The results were no problem. This pain is maybe...neuralgic pain. Phew... But...I fell bad. I want to get well sooooooooooon.

まだ体調が悪い。咳がひどくて胸が痛くなってきたので今朝、お医者さんでレントゲン&血液検査を受けてきた。結果は問題ない!ってことで安心(^.^) でも苦しい。。。あ〜〜早く治りたいよぉ〜〜っ。

2008/01/08 (火) 13:20:59


Too bad.
I've had a cold since New Year's day. I came down at my husband's parents's house. And...I came back to my house on January 2nd. After that,I feel weak still now. Today,I went to the supermarket wore a masuk for the first time in this year. I have a bad cough....
Then,I decided that I never catch a cold any more this year is my New Year's resolution.
I couldn't went to Mondo-Yakujin shrine,and I couldn't went shopping to get a Fukubukuro in Osaka. Too bad.