Umekichi Journal2007


2007/08/29 (水) 15:51:20


I found "Yokkaichi"in Oita when I went to there. Of course it wasn't nameof City. But I was pleased when I saw this sign.
Lately,I always sleepy every day. I'm thinking about taking a nap after this......Zzzzzz...


2007/08/26 (日) 16:26:34



 I went to see fireworks displays ofKintaikyo yesterday. I wanted to take pictures beautiful fireworks with Kintaikyo-bridge. But it couldn't do well by my digital camera.


2007/08/22 (水) 14:19:23

Two friends of mine came my place this morning. One of them who moved to Tokyo this spring. Her parents house is near here,so she is staying there for a week. Then,I invited her and one more friend.
We had a great time after a long time. Her story is always interesting. When do I see her next?? I can't wait.

今日は2人の友達が我家に来ました。 1人は今年の春に東京に引っ越しちゃった人。実家がこの近くなので1週間の里帰り中。それで彼女ともう一人のお友達で集まりました。久々で楽しかった。彼女の話はすごく面白いんです。今度はいつ会えるのかな〜?待ち遠しい。

2007/08/21 (火) 13:54:29

I was disgusted very much.
A week ago,I bought one food stuff on the net. Then,the shop send me email soon. It said "We accepted your order." Maybe it was automatically-deliveried email. And I paid money into the shop's postal savings account right away that day.

A week has passed.

I haven't heard from the shop for a week. As a general rule,the shop should send a messege or something when they got money. But I got nothing.
Then,I emailed the shop yesterday and this morning. And,it replied little while ago. It said "We never got your order and your money."


I called the shop right away.
And I asked about all things. "Why did not my order reach you??"" Where is my money??"
The staff said "I'm sorry. But I have no idea." And "I 'll call you back after looking into them."
After 30 minutes,she said "I got your money, I checked about it with post office." But she couldn't get my order on the net. So I told about my address and so on,besides order items by phone.

The problem went away. But I feel that I don' t want to shopping on the net after this.




え〜〜〜〜〜っ??? どういうことぉぉぉぉぉぉぉぉ???



2007/08/17 (金) 14:07:44

 I went to SEIYU for go chill this morning. The SEIYU is the most biggest supermarket near my house. There are a lot of stores and movie complex. But it didn't satisfy me,because there aren't my favorite kind of shop. So,I went there only to go chill.
 Then,I saw one my friend who likes Korean drama series. Lately she is busy,because of summer vacation. She has two doughters. So she have to care of them all day long. So,we haven't talked a lot for a few weeks. Then we chatted after a long time today. I enjoyed it.
 By the way, as you know,the temperature had above 40degrees in mamy parts of country yesterday,too. Fourty degrees??? Unbelievable!!!! It's like a Southeast Asia . But it's boiling hot today,too.......

 そこで、韓国ドラマファンの友達と遭遇! 彼女は最近夏休みなので2人の娘さんのお世話で忙しく、滅多に話も出来なかったんだけど、今日は久々にちょっとおしゃべりして来た。
 皆さんご存知の通り、昨日も日本各地で40度を超える猛暑になりましたね〜(・_・;) 40度???シンジラレナイー!ココは東南アジアか!?? そして今日も暑くて死にそう〜〜〜〜。

2007/08/16 (木) 13:15:19


 Peach is one of my favorite fruit. But it is pretty hard to find which one is dericious,I always think. Then,I bought several kind of price's these days. It's not always true that high price's peach is always sweet and tasty.
 This one was 298yen,but pretty good!!

 が好きです〜。でもどれが美味しいか見極めるのがかなり難しくないですか? それで最近は、色んな値段のを買ってみてます。高いから美味しいとは限らないですね〜〜。

2007/08/14 (火) 12:37:22


 I got back from Osaka by car the day before yesterday. I was very afraid of traffic jam,because it was just Bon holiday. My husband avoided traffic jam,so he didn't through Chugoku Expressway. He drove Gulf Line of the Hanshin Expressway,Sanroku by-path and Sanyo Expressway. It was little long way round,but it was right!! Chugoku Expressway and Kobe line of the Hanshin expressway are almost always jammed. So really my husband was right!
 The traffic information said "It is backed up for 30km around Hiroshima exit." But it did to free up when we went through there. Good.



 By the way,I stopped at Onomichi on the way to my hometown.
 It was pretty good town. But I didn't have enough time. I wanna go to there again.


2007/08/09 (木) 14:38:21

  阿蘇中岳の火口 阿蘇外輪山

I went to Kumamoto and Oita.
Mt.Aso was very very very nice!!! It was surrounded on all four sides by mountains. The green was so beautiful and great view. I lone it very much.
I stayed at Yufuin hot springs. And....I visited Beppu hot springs,too. "Jigoku-meguri"was very interesting. I enjoyed it. I had a great summer holiday.
I'm little busy.


2007/08/03 (金) 14:53:24


 It was heavy rein storm. The typhoon No.5 passed away finally. Heavy rain didn't stop untill today's noon. Phew.
 Yesterday, my husband got back his house by taxi,because JR went out of service,besides bus,too. And they were delayed this morning,too. I asked him "Do you want me to go to your office with you by car?" He said "No,thank you." Then he took a bus.
 By the way, to avert the typoon many boats leave shore usually. I can see the views through the window. It is very beautiful,I think.


2007/08/01 (水) 15:30:20


I went to see eye doctor little while ago. My eye's sty was not so serious. So I only got this eye-drops. Phew...



To tell the truth, I've put another two kind of drops in my eye for three days. I got them somewhere before. I can't remember when it was and where it was. Umm....
I see,it didn't get better in three days. Hahaha... Is my right eye alright??