Umekichi Journal2007


2007/06/29 (金) 14:16:21


 This cakes was lunch of mine today. Very tasty!!! I love green tea.
 By the way, I had a
facial treatment of SOFINA this morning. It was second times. Today's stuff was different woman than before. That time was not bad as I said. But the woman who did a treatment today was really really good!  She has a good ability of a face treatment I think. I was almost sleeping while taking a face massage,because it was too comfortable. She cared my face very carefully for 100minutes. And at last I had a make up finely. All this service was free. Isn't it valuable??
 But I bought a riquid rouge. I just wanted it. I want to take her care next time.
 And then,I bought some food stuffs and went out the shopping mall. Then,I saw the sodden ground. The rain already stopped. So I got back my house in a hurry by bike,because I was hanging the washing out to dry.....
 They were got soaked as suspected.......:-(

 今日は、ソフィーナで2度目のフェイシャルエステをしてもらて来ました。前回とは違うスタッフさんで、前回はまあまあだなぁ・・って感想だったんだけど、今日はスゴクGOODでした! マッサージとかすごく上手だと思いました〜。やってもらっている間、あまりの気持ちよさに寝てしまいそうになりました。すごく丁寧に100分ぐらいかけてケアしてくれて、最後には念入りにお化粧もしてくれました。これで無料のサービスだなんて、すごくお得〜〜〜ヽ(^。^)ノ 
 でも私は、ちょうど買いどきだったので、リキッドのリップを購入! 次回も同じ人のケアを受けたいわぁぁぁ。

2007/06/28 (木) 14:30:51


 My husband cooked goya udon the other day. And he bought an Awamori for drink with it.
Goya udon was really good. I love goya:->  But he said Awamori wasn't good. Maybe....there is Awamori in my kitchin for years to come.
 By the way,my new hairdo is really strange! It's pretty serious problem. So,I don't want to see anyone now.

ゴーヤうどんはスッゴ〜〜ク美味しかったヽ(^。^)ノ でも泡盛はイマイチだったらしい。。。多分この先ずっとキッチンに残ったままになるだろう(~_~;)
 ところで!新しい髪形が本当に変でこれはちょっと問題です(><) 誰にも会いたくない・・・って言う感じです。

2007/06/27 (水) 15:45:46

 I went to City hall again this morning, national pension have a trouble.
 I got a result about it by mail last Saturday. According to the mail, my national pension and my employee pension weren't integrated. And then,I had to take some documents.
 I asked the stuff "Who's fault is it?" She said"Some people got a mail of notice about a number of basic pension, and some people didn't got it in 1997......."
 What??? What do you mean?? I can't understand.
 My sister said "I got it."
 But I've never gotten it.
 Anyway,I think I have to check about it again in a few years.

どういうことぉ〜〜?(−−〆) よくわからん!

2007/06/26 (火) 14:27:01

 That was like a sauna:-<  
 I had my hair cut at usual beauty salon this morning. I took a reservation at 9:30am,so I didn't have to wait. The beauty salon was hot and humid very much. I wonder if it for prevent global warming. Then,the beautician said "I'm very sorry. The AC is broken from this morning." I see.......
 Anyway, it was really really hot,because I had to wear a plastic thing,like a cape when I had my hair cut right? I only had a cut,so it took me 50minutes. Phew.... If I had had a parm,I would have died. Phew.....
 By the way,I showed a Nanako's photo and said "I'd like to have a cut like this."
 Fifty minutes later,my hairdo seems.....old Chibi Maruko-chan. I broak down....


2007/06/25 (月) 15:49:09

 白いアジサイ〜〜♪ これも白いアジサイ〜〜♪♪ 

 アジサイ園 アジサイ

I went to hydrangea park yesterday. It was a back of the cake shop and factory "Kashinoki" in Yanai city. There were many kind of hydrangea. Withe color's is good,isn't it? I like it.
By the way.....hydrange's shape riminded me of Melon bread.......Oh....I'd like to eat melon bread.....

なんか・・・アジサイの花の形って・・・メロンパンを思い出す(^^ゞ  食べたいな〜メロンパン♪

2007/06/21 (木) 13:44:25


I made a reservation for a room of ryokan somewhere in Kyushu. I gonna go to around Mt.Aso,around Kuju,Beppu,Yufuin....and so on. Especially,I wanted to stay in Kurokawa hot springs,because I heard it was great! But.....unfortunately it seems really great,so I couldn't get it.
But anyway,I could reserve a room of another good hot springs,so I can't wait till my summer vacation!!

旅館を予約しました!九州の。。。 阿蘇周辺とか、九重周辺、別府、湯布院・・・などなど行きたい〜!特に最高に良いと噂に聞いた黒川温泉に宿泊したかったんだけど、本当に最高な様子で全く空いてなかったので、他の良さそうな有名温泉地にした。夏休みが待ち遠しいぃぃぃぃぃ〜〜!

2007/06/20 (水) 14:04:51

I went to City hall and checked my national pension this morning. There was a special windows of it. I waited about 30minutes. And I asked about it a stuff. Then,she called somewhere. But it was busy. So,I will get the result in two or three days. Have I paid it correctly since I was 20years old?? Umm.... I think so. But I'm a little anxious.



After that,I bought this light pink shirt. Is'nt it cute????
その後、この服を衝動買い! 可愛いでしょ〜?

2007/06/15 (金) 13:24:48


2007 NBA champion is San Antonio Spurs!!!!! They won little while ago. I'm very happy!
By the way, my favorite player of SAS is Manu Ginobili. But I like Tony Parker,too. Tony was chosen MVP. And he will get married next month in Paris. And and....his fiancee is Eva Longoria. She is an actress and she acted "Gabrielle"in Desparate Housewives. I like this TV drama series. So I was very happy when I know they will got married.


2007/06/14 (木) 11:17:48


Recently,my husband often drinks some cups of wine. We have less of a sense of wine,so I often bought cheap wine around 1,000yen. And then I drink a very very very small cup of wine a day. The photo at the very right that my husband got from someone is pretty expensive,I heard. Is it truth??
Anyway,I like wine. My most favorite alchole is wine.


2007/06/13 (水) 16:26:43

I'm watching the game of the NBA finals these days. Today,I watched the 3rd game. It was an exciting game. My favorite team "San Antonio Spurs"won. Spurs already got three games. Next game is in two days. I can't wait.
Yesterday,I went and see my doctor for the first time in a month. I have to take a blood test once a month recently. I have had a SLE-Systemic lupus erythemathosus- since...I don't remember since when. It is an incurable disease. My doctor always advices me " Don't have any stress and strains. Besides don't get sun a lot". So,rainy season is good for me! But I have to take care of cold. I'm little tired today.

この頃は、NBAファイナルを楽しんでいます。今日は第3戦。ずごいエキサイティングしてました。応援している サンアントニオ・スパーズが勝ってもう3勝目。次の試合が明後日です。楽しみだ。。。。
昨日は、1ヶ月ぶりに病院で血液検査。最近、1ヶ月に1度の検査が必要だ。いつからか・・・覚えてないけどSLEという病気です。(深刻な状態じゃないですけど)。先生にいつも「ストレス&過労&日光に当たることが良くない!」と言われているので、梅雨のシーズンはちょうどいいわ〜。でも風邪に気をつけないと! なんだか今日はちょっとしんどい・・・。

2007/06/10 (日) 19:22:32

 ホワイト餃子30個 JR&広島電鉄 横川駅

I went to Nishi ward,Hiroshima city to eat gyoza of White Gyoza yesterday. It was near Yokokawa station. I like White Gyoza very much. I used to eat it when I was living in Yokkaichi and Saitama. There were some shops in Nagoya and around Tokyo. Then I checked about the shop on the net. And I saw there was only one shop of Hiroshima near here.
My husnabd and I had 30gyoza at there and we bought 80 frozen gyoza to go. Hahaha...


2007/06/08 (金) 18:36:41


I went shopping to get some gift for father's day this morning . But....I couldn't find any good things. So...I only bought some Japanese cakes and Bento. After that,I found a good gift and bought it online. Phew...Good.
And Bento was tasty.


2007/06/06 (水) 16:33:36


I don't have something out of the ordinary except I'm getting fat these days.
Then,I started to exercise with this equipment. I bought it long time ago. That time I used it everyday. But after that,it slept in room's corner for a long time...... I wonder how long I keep exercise this time.


2007/06/04 (月) 15:36:23

   大日本人のチラシ  大日本人のポスター

I went and saw Dai-Nihonjin alone this morning. It was.........Umm......I can't give my impression of it well. I didn't bust a gut laughing at this movie. And I didn't cry. But Hitoshi Matsumoto said "I wanted to make a film that nobody annoy at the time while seeing it" before. It was just as his says. I never thought "what time is it now?" And I never thought "It's pretty long" and so on.


2007/06/03 (日) 18:23:13

  新冷蔵庫で遊ぶ しろたん^m^

The new fridge came my house the day before yesterday. But,I had to wait more than 2hours to turn it on. And then,I tried to take this hoto:-P



By the way,one my friend who loves NEWS gave me "NEWS's Calender2007-2008"the other day. I've never bought such a calender of idol for ages. This calender is great, There are 30pieces and they all are both side printing of photo. So...we can enjoy 60 kind of photos.
But,I can't put them on the wall of my room. So....I picke up a few photos what I want,and I'll give my friend's doughter the rest of them.