Umekichi Journal2007


2007/04/27 (金) 16:43:21

My husband went to Tokyo for his job this morning. He will stay there tonight. Then I tried to put my Shirotan into his bag. But...he left Shirotan and me. Oh,NO....
I can't complain,so I will stay my house with Shirotan and so on.
He left here at 7:30am. After that,my crazy day was started. I began to see
"Kun--Love in palace",it's a Korean TV drama series at 8:00am. To my surprise,maybe everyone surprise,I saw them for seven hours.
This drama has 24 episodes. My friend lent me the DVD. But really really unfortunately she has only 12episodes. So,I can't see any more. I'm very sad. Too sad.
If we have imperial family in Korea. It's a point of this drama. It is very interesting story. I love it very much.


2007/04/26 (木) 15:25:24

We had an earthquake this mornig. That time,I have just gotten back from outside. First,I thouht my washing machine was raging(?). But I found it was an earthquake right away. And then,I turn on the Television immediately. It was not big at my place. Phew....


2007/04/24 (火) 15:24:55
 海老フィレオ&サラダのセット  抹茶オールドファッション

I went to the most far suparmarket from my house after a long time this morning. There are McDonald's and Mister Donuts. Wow!!!!! I wanted to eat something of McDonald's for a long time and old fashioned of green tea flavor. Two my wishes were realized today. Besides I did bike riding little long time. Phew...
By the way,it was Filet-O-shrimp that I had at Mc.. It was not bad. And the old fashoned of green tea flavor was good! I love it very much. It had real green tea taste.


2007/04/23 (月) 15:38:00

I cleaned up my room this morning. And then,I was looking my old photos while cleaning. There are many albums in my house now. They are from company employee to recent. I usually take a photograph,when I want to keep it in mind in happy time or nice time or....beautiful landscape. So I was able to enjoy to remind my past. I made a trip a lot of times and places. And I met a lot of people through work and move. I guess there are many people what I may never see again....... About some people,I already forgot their name. I know there are many people forgot about me.
I was thinking such a thing while listening NEWS's CD today,too.

今朝部屋を片付けたんだけど、古いアルバムを見ながら片付けた。アルバムがイッパイあって、会社員時代から最近までのです。(それ以前のは実家にある)。だいたい写真を撮るのは楽しいこと嬉しいこと、綺麗な風景など記憶に残しておきたい時に取る。だから昔を懐かしんで楽しんだ。すごく何度も色んな場所へ旅行したんだな〜〜。それに仕事関係や、引っ越しなどでかなり多くの人と知り合った。もう二度と会わないだろうと思う人も沢山いるし、名前を思い出せない人も^_^;。 私のことなど忘れている人もいっぱいいるんだろうなぁ・・・。

2007/04/19 (木) 16:07:30


Lately,I like him very much. He is Yuya Tegishi,a member of NEWS. The reason why I came to like him is because his singing vice is so beautiful!! Besides he is very cute. Then,I talked about it one my friend. She loves Tomohisa Yamashita. He is a member of NEWS,too. And she went to see NEWS's Live in Osaka last month. And then,she bought this file for me. And,and she gave me some CDs of NEWS and Tego-Masu. Especially I like Tego-Masu's song. They are really really good at singing!! I think Yuya is beyond Johnny's idols. I'm listening his songs every day.
By the way,the friend who loves T Yamashita and I are same age.

最近・・・NEWSの手越祐也クンのファンです。 何故ファンになったかというと、歌声がすっごく素敵。それに可愛い(笑)。それで同じNEWSの山下クンファンの友達にその話をしてたら、先月大阪でのライブに行った彼女が、私のためにこのクリアファイルを買ってきてくれました〜。それにNEWSとテゴマスのCDもくれた。私は特にテゴマスの局が好き。この2人は本当に歌がウマイ!!! 手越くんはジャニーズのアイドルの域を越えていると思います〜〜〜。

2007/04/17 (火) 8:35:21


Boy's Day is just around the corner. Then,I saw some Koinobori here and there these days.
By the way,we had pretty big earthquakes in Mie pref.last Sunday. Are you all right in Mie?? Take care. I have to check my emergency set.


2007/04/13 (金) 14:38:10


One my neighbor lent the DVD to me the other day. There were 5 DVDs of short drama. Five famous Korean actors in them. They all were pretty old,and we never get them in Japan,I heard.
Then,I run into her this morning near our apartment. She is not good at driving like me. And she has to take her doughter to one junior high school for her game by car. Then,she said "I'll try to drive there from now. Why don't you come with me?" In fact,I was scared that time. But I answered "OK!"
Finally we were able to get there. After that we stopped at one restaurant and had lunch. Phew.......
But,I didn't think she was not good at driving. It was alright.

それで今朝、その彼女に偶然近所で会った。彼女も私同様に車の運転が苦手(><)。それなのに今度、娘さんの部活の試合でよその中学へ車で連れていかないと駄目らしくて「今から練習に行くんだけど一緒に行かない?」って誘われた(*_*; 正直・・・怖い!?と思ったけど「うん、行く行く」って答えました。

2007/04/12 (木) 17:31:21

I'm happy now. I got back from hospital little while ago. At last,my liver function almost got well. And my doctor said "Last time,some medicines caused some problems. So,you might as well as take a blood test several months later." Anyway,I'm glad to hear that. Phew. Thank you for your concern.
Then I walked a lot today. I always take a bus when I go to the hospital. The bus stop is close my apartment. But I took a bus from three bus stops further to go. And I got off a bus at three bus stops behind on my way home. Finally I could save momey 180yen!! Wow! But I bought a box of ice cream for 198yen:-<  Oh,NO!!
Anyway,I'm fine!!

わぁ〜〜い(^^♪ さき病院から帰ってきましたが、結局肝機能はほぼ正常に戻っておりました〜〜。先生曰く「前回のはどれかの薬の影響でしょう。とりあえず数ヵ月後にまた血液検査してみたらいいですよ」ってことです。あぁ・・・良かった〜。ご心配をおかけいたしました。

2007/04/11 (水) 15:29:02


I love dried stripes of Japanese radish. I eat it every day these days.
By the way,I have a serious problem.
I got fat!!! I have four pair of jeans now. I can't get into one of them. It is the most favotite one. I washed them the other day. Then I tried to put on them yesterday. I couldn't buttuned it. Oh,My GOD!!!:-( Besides another one is very tight. It's a matter of time berofe I can't put on it,too.

ところで、かなり問題なことが起きました。太った〜〜〜!(@_@;)!ジーンズを4本持っているのですが、一番のお気に入りが入らなくなりました。この前洗濯してそれで昨日履こうと思ったら、ボタンが全くしまりません(;O;)。大変〜〜〜!それにもう1本もキツイ! これも入らなくなるのは時間の問題です・・。

(ジーンズ1着はa pair of jeansなので、themになると思うのですが、It is the most favorite one. はThey are the most....になるんでしょうか? I washed it? I washed them?  そんな基本も分かりません(泣)これまた困った(><)

2007/04/10 (火) 16:57:43


Recently I often have some vegetable juice. As you know there are many kind of it at a shop. Then,I tried this one for the first time. "Purple vegetables". Umm..... I couldn't imagine about the taste before. It seemed grape juice. It was not bad. But I have an image that bitter or stragne taste's begetable juice is better. Don't you think?? Well,I'll try another one next time.
And today,I went to Tokuyama,because I had to go to some banks. There were always nothing around Tokuyama station.


2007/04/09 (月) 14:18:17

 瀬里家定食〜1500円  瀬里家定食のアジのムニエル〜(^^♪


I went to Restaurant Serika yesterday. I've been there once. That January.
I had "Serika-Teishoku"this time,too. I thought that they were really good for health,besides tasty! The picture of scenic photo was the view from the restaurant. Isn't it nice??? There were not anything near here. It is one of my favorite restaurant.


  モンブラン  デコポンのタルト

After that I bought two pieces cakes near my house. My husband loves Mont blan. It was Tarte au Dekopon what I had. Dekopon is a kind of orange. It was good!!
By the way,we had a piece of cheesecake each other on Saturday,too. Is that alright??


2007/04/06 (金) 16:39:15


The cherry brossoms are not full bloom today,too. But there were many people to do the Ohanami.
And,there was a fire near my house little while ago. When I watched TV,I heard very noisy fire silen. Then I looked at outside through the window. Oh....!! I saw fire!! I was surprised very much. It was come under control now! Phew.... I don't know what it was. Someone's house? Shop or something?? Umm...


2007/04/05 (木) 18:07:20

朝食抜きだというのに、昼食まで抜く羽目になった〜〜!(;O;) 仕方なく、家でちょっと居て、また再びバスに乗って1時過ぎに病院に着いた。 また1時間弱待たされて、診察。腹部エコーと血液検査を受けて、エコーは問題なしで、血液は1週間後にまた聞きにいきます。多分・・・薬物性肝炎か免疫性肝炎(?)のどっちかだと思われます。。。。


2007/04/04 (水) 15:06:19

 昨日・・・1週間前に受けた血液検査の結果を聞きに行ってきた。 「何も問題無い」と言ってもらえることを願いながらも、明らかに体調がおかしいところがあったので、何も無かったらちょっと信じがたい・・・と思いながら。
 やっぱり異常がありました! なんと肝機能に関する数値が標準よりだいぶ高くなっていました! 
 今回も手や足が痒かったので”薬物性肝炎”じゃないかな?って想像してたのに、近所の内科&皮膚科では「痒さで内臓に問題が・・・ということは稀にしか無い」と言われてたのです(・へ・)。 セカンドオピニオンは重要です!内臓に異常が出たのなんて初めてなので、すごくショックで泣きそうでした。。。 でもホントにショックで涙も出なかった(;O;)。 (常に大げさな私)
 それで、昨日診てもらった先生は専門じゃないので、また明日、消化器科専門の先生の診察を受けることになった。きっとまた検査かな? 朝食は抜いて行きます。 とりあえずは診てもらって検査して、その結果が出ないと何なのか分からないけど、入院とかにならないように祈ってください〜。これを読んでくれた皆様〜(^_^.)

 でも・・・肝機能がっちょっと異常なだけで、昨日は相当なショックを受けてしまったので、ガンなんて告知されたら家までたどり着けないかも(;O;) ・・・という話を昨日旦那さんとしたので、ガンでも私に告知されることは無いんだろうなぁ・・・。  

2007/04/02 (月) 16:16:22


Have a look at this! This is a shop of car. We took a car for a twelve-month inspection yesterday. The shop always gave us some tea with some sweets,like a cafe. In fact,I was looking forward to them. Hahaha...
Then,we had to wait about for 1 and half hour. So we went to Tokuyama zoo for kill-time. The Cherry blossoms were pretty beautiful. But they were still not full bloom.



This polar bear was named Yuki. I saw her third time for one year. She always cute. And there were three baby of otters. They were lovely very much.

このシロクマは、ユキちゃんといいます。1年間で3回会った。 いつも可愛いです。それから3匹のコツメカワウソの赤ちゃんも超可愛かった♪