Umekichi Journal2007


2007/03/31 (土) 14:07:55

Finally,My friend moved to Tokyo yesterday. We had a cup of tea at my house yesterday's early afternoon. She said "I'll be back soon,because my hometown is here." I know. But I felt sad very much.

ついにお友達が昨日東京へ引っ越しました。 昨日の午後うちでお茶しました。「実家はこっちなんだからしょちゅう帰ってくるし」と言ってたけど、やっぱり寂しい〜(・_・;)

2007/03/29 (木) 14:51:42

 採れたて土筆〜 土筆の佃煮。ちょっと黒すぎた?(^^ゞ

Someone gave a lot of horsetails to my husband the other day. Then we cooked Tsukudani of them. The taste was little bitter like a Fuki. I like them. We can have them only this season,right? Great!


2007/03/28 (水) 13:30:36

I took a JR train from Akashi to Osaka after a long time when I got back my hometown. One new station was opened before I knew it. And there were countless people in Umeda. I saw such crowded place after a long time. So I felt tired soon. I bought some Tsumagari's cookies at Daimaru Department store. And I got a pair of sneakers that I wanted to get since I saw them in one magazine. Aren't they cute??



2007/03/27 (火) 17:17:24

It's been 10days since I had a fever and a headache. Besides I got severe hives,too. That was really terrible. First,that was itchy. And then that ached. I was checked by a physician and a dermatologist nearby clinic. And then,finally I went to see another doctor at a general hospital this afternoon. I took a blood test. I'll get the results in a week. Don't worry about it.
Then,I didn't cook a decent meal these days. So I cooked them yesterday. One of them is sandwich pork between sliced Japanese radish. Another one is salad. It is a best season of fresh onion,isn't it? I love it very much.



2007/03/25 (日) 19:45:32

I'm surviving somehow. But,I'm still not fine. I have a lot of things to wtite here. Next time I will.


2007/03/19 (月) 17:54:38


Pretty bad!! I had a headache and fever yesterday. Do I have a cold? Umm... I feel dull today,too.
I went to my parents house from last Thurseday,and got back last Saturday's late night. My parents house is pretty old building,so very very very cold in winter. Besides,I went to
Awaji island for taking pictures of Ikanago fishing with my parents on Friday. It was cold and windy very much. My father stayed there for 2 and half hours. So me,too. First,I said "I wanna stay at home! I don't want to go out today,because of cold!! Please!!"to my father. But,at last,I enjoyed it and took a lot of pictures. There were many boa of fishing and countless sea gulls. I saw a great scene of fishing. I was moved very much.
And....I saw two mu friends from high school after a long time. One of them is going to move to Chiba this spring. And another one is pregnant,even though she already has three sons. Really great!

それから・・・高校からの友達2人とも会ってきた。一人の子はこの春に千葉へ引越し、もう一人の子は、なんと妊婦さん!しかも既に3人の男の子の母なのにぃ〜〜(~_~;) 素晴らしい!!

2007/03/14 (水) 14:22:14

It's little cold again these days. Then,I want to wear a down coat when I go for shopping by bike. But....nobody wear such coat. Many people wear thin texture coat. Umm...
I saw my friend after I had my hair cut the other day. To my delight,she said "Your new hair do is similar to
Aya Ueto." Wow! But I know it was only hair do!

上戸彩 風じゃん〜?」と言われて密かに喜んでいま〜す。ふふh。でも”髪型だけ”って分かっているけどね〜(^u^)

2007/03/12 (月) 14:00:05



My husband said "I'll go to Hagi"last Saturday. Then,I went with him. The car arrived at Hagi port. "???" I did not yet understant where I went to. He parked a car and said "Let's go."
"Wait,wait,wait!!! What??? Do we get on a boat?"I asked him. "You are right"he answered. "We gonna go to Hagi-Oshima."
The boat cold Tachibana was scheduled every two hours. It was mostly cloudy,cold and pretty windy day, So,I was scared of pitching very much. Fortunately,it wasn't as pitching as I thought. I enjoyed it for 25minutes. Hagi-Oshima was very small island. I'm not sure but maybe it was a most smallest island I've visited. There weren't any special place and restaurant.
So,we had lunch at central Hagi aftre we got back from the island.

土曜日、「萩に行く」というので一緒に行った。車が萩港に着いたので「??」と謎でどこに行くのかイマイチ分かっていなかったのですが、「行くぞー」と言うので「え???待って!まさか船に乗るん?」と聞いたら「そうや」とのお返事。 「萩大島に行く」らしい。

We found one reutaurant. It had a "Popular Uni-don." Then we tried it.
I noticed the restaurant wasn't appeared about plice when I was waiting. Oh....little scary.
There were some fish with white fresh,some octopus,some turban shell and one plate of uni(sea urchin) on the cooked rice. They were tasty! I never like uni,turban shell...but,I could eat all.
After that,one restaurant's staff showed me a small small memo. It said
After we went out from there,we were shocked very much. My husband said "It was really tasty,but it was a rip-off!!" I thought so,too. That uni were very very small pieses......

We went into our shell on the way home........


2007/03/09 (金) 15:28:51

I feel I had cut my hair too much. I have real short bob now. Well, I will get used to it soon.


2007/03/08 (木) 15:17:41

 Today,I baked a banana and honey cake,because there were close-to date flour and eggs in my fridge. I've eaten three pieces already. Then,I remembered about I left out the tea. That's a shock!
Umm....I'm senile day by day. By the way,according to the recipe of this cake,put 120g sugar in it. But I put 50g sugar in it and 3 tablespoon of honey instead. It is enough sweet.
 And...I made a reservation of a beauty salon tomorrow morning the first time in 6 months. I will do my hair

今日はバナナ&ハチミツのケーキを焼いた。なぜかというと賞味期限の近い小麦粉と卵を使いたかったから。もう3切れも食べてしまった〜。それで食べながら思い出したけど、紅茶の葉を入れようと計画していたのに忘れてた(/_;)。ボケ症状がドンドン進行しています・・・。 そうそう、このケーキのレシピには砂糖を120gも入れることになっているけど、50gに控えてハチミツを大さじ3杯ほど入れたら十分甘い!

2007/03/06 (火) 8:45:52

 西條市の酒蔵 宮島SAの鳥居

I went to Kure City last Saturday. I've been there once,but I visited only The Yamto Museum that time. This time,I stopped by shopping mall to have lunch. But there weren't any restaurants that interest me. Then,I had lunch at one Japanese restaurant in SOGO. There was SOGO in front of JR Kure station. Wow! I like SOGO very much. I used to go for shopping at SOGO in Kobe. I want to such a big department store in my town. It's a impossible dream.
Next,I stopped by Saijo City,too. There were several kind of Sakagura. Good smells of Sake hanged in the air.
At the last,I took a rest at Miyajima SA of Sanyo expressway on my way home. There was a Torii with a similar from Itsukushima shrine. And then,there were some binoculars. We can see real Itsukushima shrine's Torii by it free. It was pretty interesting.

それで帰りに山陽道の宮島SAに寄ったら、厳島神社そっくりの鳥居があった^m^ そこに双眼鏡が設置されてて、タダで本物の鳥居が見れた!面白い!


This is Canned crub spaghetti with tomato sauce. My husband cooked it for lunch last Sunday. It was a little bland.


2007/03/05 (月) 8:20:53


As I said,I went to see "An Inconvenient Truth"last Friday. It was really good. Maybe,there are many methods to know about global warming. But,you can learn it quickly by that film. I don't know why,I cried many times during a movie. Human beings are doing a grave disservice to the earth. Too bad. Al Gore said "If people all over the world change mind about environment concern right now,we will get back the earth seems to be 70's." If it is true,we should do it.


2007/03/02 (金) 8:52:06

This time last year,I went to Seoul. Oh....that is happy memories. I know more things about Korean star now than that time. So...I wanna go there again.
By the way,I will go to see a movie,
"An Inconvenient Truth"this early afternoon. Is it really good? I'll try it.

去年の今頃はソウルへ行っていました。懐かしいなぁ〜〜〜。今のほうが韓流スターに詳しいからまた行きたい^m^  今日の午後は「不都合な真実」を観に行こうと思っています。ホントに良いのかなぁ〜?