Umekichi Journal2006


2006/12/26 (火) 14:15:41

This is the last journal in this year. New Year is just around the corner,isn't it?
I'm really appreciate that you check up my web site this year,too. Have a nice winter holiday!! Take care.


2006/12/25 (月) 8:35:37


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!     I'm still fine,even though I ate some fried oyster the day before yesterday. PHEW......
Yesterday,My husband and I did last car wash in this year. After that,we went for golf practicing at driving range. And,we played bowls after a long time. There was a bowling alley next to the driving range. So I wanted to play it for the whole. We played two games. And my score was too bad!! I liketo play bowling,but I will lost interest it. And,and.....we ate some cakes. They were beautiful!!
By the way,my husband got a good sweater from Santa,but I didn't. Umm....

クリスマスですね〜♪♪♪ 一昨日カキフライを食べたわけですが、今のところ元気で〜〜〜〜す(笑) 

2006/12/23 (土) 11:00:04

Do you want to eat oyster? As you know,Noro-virus is going around all over Japan at the moment. I don't like oyster except fried it. I know that heated them don't have problem. tell you the truth,I want to avoid to eat them. Then,my husnabd said "I wanna eat fried oyster for dinner today." Umm....
So,I have to eat it. Is it safe??? Anyway,I will eat. And I will write of my health in two days.

牡蠣食べたいですか?世間では「ノロウィルス」が日本中で大流行しているじゃないですか?私は牡蠣が嫌いなんだけど、フライは好き。加熱調理したものは安全だと知っているけど出来れば私は避けたいです。でも、だんなさんが先ほど「今日の夕飯は牡蠣フライがいい」と言いました。。。。 なので、私も食べないといけないのです・・・。大丈夫なのかなぁ?とりあえず食べてみます。2日後ぐらいに何も無かったか報告しま〜す(笑)

2006/12/19 (火) 16:14:45

These days,my brain age is 20years old. It's best age. I have to keep it.
By the way,finally,I finished writing New Year's post card today. I'll post them tomorrow.
We only have 11days remaining to finish the year!!!! I can't feel it until now. I looked forward to the new year,when I was child. But now..I never do special things for the new year. I never cook Osechi. I never see Kakushigei programs. I never get Otoshidama.... and I never wear new crothes. Umm.... New Year isn't different another days.


2006/12/15 (金) 19:30:55


I was walking a lot today. I was walking,walking,walking........ Can you see the mountains over there in this photo??? There is my apartment in front of the mountains. Oh....I was very tired. Noone walked there.


2006/12/14 (木) 18:41:32


The elevater of my apartment had a safety check this morning,10am to 12pm. I usually go shopping in the morning. But I left my house at 12pm today. Then,I run into my friend. And we had a lunch at a chinese restaurant near place. I had "Kurogoma Tantanmen". I ate Tantanmen for the firat time. It was very good!!  There were some kind of Tantanmen,so I want to there again!


2006/12/12 (火) 15:38:59

Today,I went shopping to one drugstore. It was pretty far from my house,but I walked there. I bought some things. Then,I saw a woman who lives at a same apartment with me. She is foreigner. I've seen her many times,but I've only said"Konnichiha (Hello)".
I found her in front of me on my way home. First,I walked behind her,but I cought up her soon. Then,I tried to speak "Konnichiha. Onaji Manshion ni sundemasu.(Hello,I'm your neighbor.)". She could speak Japanese. So we talked to our apartment while walking. I heard that she is from Ukraine. Unfortunately I already forgot her name!! Oh,my god!!! The DS training for brain doesn't work ????

で、帰り道、私の前を歩いている彼女を見かけてすぐに追いついたので、「こんにちは〜。同じマンションに住んでるんですよ〜」って話しかけました(^^ゞ 彼女は日本語が話せました。それでマンションまで一緒に歩きながら話ました。ウクライナ出身らしい。。。でも困ったことに名前を聞いたのに既に忘れてしまった〜〜! DSの脳のトレーニングが役立って無いかも??

2006/12/11 (月) 15:53:44

I bought a game softwear called "New Super Mario Brothers"for NintendoDS today. I want to enjoy the game. But I have to think a design of New Years card. I have to do hause cleaning. I have to cook, I have to go shopping. I have to..... I feel very tired now.


2006/12/06 (水) 17:16:27


What a beautiful sunset and airplane track!!! I just took it from my balcony. Great!
Today,I went for lunch to Itarian restaurant with my neighbor. Yes,we went for lunch last month,too. We talked a lot and ate. I had a great time. About meal....last time's was better than today's. Hahaha.


2006/12/04 (月) 16:20:05


  雪舟庭 雪舟庭

I went to Rurikoji-temple and Sesshutei yesterday. It was too late to see yellow and red leaves. Besides it was pretty cold yesterday! I felt winter for the first time.
By the way, as I said,I bought a NintendoDS the other day. Then,after that,I bought two game softwear. One of them is "Training for brain",and another one is "English shower". I will study with them everyday.
For your brain is....29years old now. I have to train more and more.


2006/12/01 (金) 19:45:34

Oh,no! Oh,no!!!! I bought NintendoDS Lite suddenly today. I wanted to get it for a long time. But,as you know,it wasn't easy to get recently. And,I found that it is sold only 50 today at one store,when I see a flyer this morning. It was by lot. Then,I got a ticket of white at 10am. (There were five kind of color) My ticket was No.30. After that,I got back my house and did something to do. And...I went to the store again around 1pm. Then,the result was already came out. My heart beat fast as announcement of test results.....
Finally I found my number 30 of white. Wow!!! I'm very happy. I couldn't mask my delight. Oh....It's my day!!
After that,I bought 10 Nenmatsu-jumbo,too.

 DS Lite

キャァァァァァァ!! 今日、突然NintendoDS Liteなんか買ってしまいました。ずっと欲しかったけど最近ではあまり手に入らない状況だったし・・・。で、今朝チラシを眺めていたら、今日50個のみ抽選販売っているのを発見!