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2006/04/25 (火) 15:03:34

One month ago, some my friends gave me farewell party at one Okinawa's restaurant. That time I ate some unusual foods.



海ぶどう パッションフルーツ スターフルーツ

I saw "Umi-budou"for the first time. I don't like sea vegetable,so I didn't want to eat them. But!!! Umi-budou was really tasty!!! I was happy. And...I had star fruit and passion fruit for the first time,too. Star fruit was....little hard,not so tasty. And passion fruit was very sour. I ate a half,it was not so big,but I needed pretty long time to eat to finish. Besides I don't know why,I felt that I had a full stomach after this.

「海ぶどう」を見て、海藻が嫌いなので食べたいとは思わなかったんだけど食べてみたら、ず〜〜〜〜っごく美味しかった♪ それからスターフルーツとパッションフルーツも初めての挑戦でした。スターフルーツは結構固くて、それほど美味しいと言えない感じ。で、パッションフルーツはすごく酸っぱかった…。それほど大きくない半分を食べたんだけど、最後まで食べきるのに結構時間がかかったし、何故か食べ終わった後、すごい満腹になったf(^ー^;

One myfriend gave me her hand made rolled cakes. It's looks tasy,isn't it?? Yeah,of course.

そしてお友達が手作りのロールケーキをくれました♪ おいしそうでしょ??モチロン!


And,and....another day,another friend of mine gave us her hand made chiffone cake. It was greentea taste. Surely,it was tasty,too.

それから・・・別の日に、別のお友達が私たちに抹茶シフォンケーキを作ってくれました〜。モチロンこれも美味しかった〜〜〜〜 (~v~)。


I compared now with before,a few years in Yokkaichi were like a dream.


2006/04/24 (月) 11:39:57

Finally I can use the Internet today!!! Phewwwwwww. I'm very tired. The way was sooooooo difficult for me.


2006/04/18 (火) 18:03:37

I send some post cards to my friends,because I had to tell my new address and so on. Then,one my friend from junior college emailed me yesterday. And she said "Your mobile address didn't work". Then,she emailed me to my web address. What????? I checked it up right away. OH!!! I really had a mistake. I'm stupid...


2006/04/17 (月) 14:27:20

I'm bored today,too. Then,there is a move theatre in shopping mall near my house. So I'm thinking about going to see something. But...I don't have the one what I want to see now. Is チャン・ドンゴン's "Typhoon"interest?? Umm.... By the way,I checked about culture classes of near my house last week. Then,there were not English class. Korean and German were there. Why?? I have no idea. But I'm desappointed very much. If I want to learn English,I have to enter NOVA or AEON?? I don't have enough money.

今日もつまらない〜。近くのショッピングモールの中に映画館があって映画でも見ようか?と考えているけど今見たい映画が特に無い。チャンドンゴンの「タイフーン」って面白いのかなぁ?  先週は、この辺のカルチャー教室について調べてみたんだけど、英会話は無かった。何故か韓国語とドイツ語はあった。ガッカリ。英会話を習いたかったらNOVAかAEONにでも行かないとダメみたい。そんなお金無いし〜。

2006/04/14 (金) 18:19:14

We don't have a car now. So we went to Iwakuni City by JR train last weekend. There are American base in Iwakuni,so there were many American around the station. We had curry at Indian restaurant.There were many foreign people,too. But in my town....I never saw foreign people untill now.


2006/04/11 (火) 18:23:48

I moved to Yamaguchi Pref. from Yokkaichi,Mie Pref. 11days ago. I got some great friends at Yokkaichi. So I didn't want to leave there. I wanted to live there more and more. But I can't complain. My husband has transferred.
By the way,I don't do the net in my house after I moved,because.....I used to use YahooBB before but I can't use it here. You know,here is out of area that we can use YahooBB. Yeah,here is pretty.....very country side. Then,I have to change a provider. I already offered OCN,but I don't get a call untill now. OH....when I can use the net?? I have no idea.
I found that my web site was dissappeared on the net,right?? I'm disappointed. When can I undate this journal??? Umm...