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2005/10/31 (月) 18:27:10

I ate a Lotteria's shrimp burger for lunch today. 135yen! It was pretty good. I like it. I rarely eat Lotteria's things,but I want to eat it again.


2005/10/27 (木) 6:35:51

I usually get up at 7:40. But I got up at 5:20 this moening. So,I'm sleepy now.....
Yesterday,Chiba Lotte Marines won in the Japan Series after a long long time. I guess Mariens's fan are very happy now. Congratulations.;-) And,I'm happy,too,because many shops will have a sale from today. Which shop I should go? Umm...
By the way,I went to the movie theatre early afternoon. I wanted to see "The Tuter is same age as me",of course it's a Krean movie,and Kwon Sangwoo is in it. I didn't reserch about screen time. Then,it was twice a day,from 11:00 and 15:40. Oh my....... I couldn't kill my time untill 15:40. So I couldn't see it. It wasn't my day yesterday!

そうそう!昨日の昼過ぎに「同い年の家庭教師」(=韓国映画・クォン・サンウ主演)を見ようと思って映画館まで行ったら、一日2回の上映で11時〜と3時40分〜しかなかった。3時40分までも時間を潰せないので見れなかった…>_<… ついてない日だったわ・・・。

2005/10/24 (月) 16:44:19


I went to Shigaraki last Sat. Shigaraki is famous for "Shigaraki yaki". There was a huge Japanese racoon in front of Shigaraki station. I didn't know racoon is Araguma in Japanese,and Japanese racoon is Tanuki. Araiguma and Tanuki are relative?? Really??
Then,there was a restaurant near the station. It had a interesting dish called "Daimyo-Gozen". It was a huge,too.

先週土曜に信楽へ行った。ここは信楽焼で有名。信楽駅の前にデッカイたぬきが居ました!<racoon>=アライグマで、<Japanese racoon>=たぬきらしい・・・。知らなかった。アライグマとたぬきは親戚??へぇ〜〜〜。

2005/10/17 (月) 18:56:02

I had a hair cut for the first time in four months,and I got a loose perm for the first time in 15years. The perm solution were ammonical,very bad smell. I was little surprised about it. Besides I had no idea about how to get a perm,so I felt little exited,-What's next?? And then??-
Now,My new hair-do is different as I hoped, but I feel not so bad.

4ヶ月ぶりに美容院でカットしました。そして15年ぶりにゆるぅ〜いパーマをかけてみました。パーマ液がすごくアンモニア臭で驚いた…>_<… それにどういう風にパーマするのか全く分らなかったので「次は何?それで?」ってちょっとドキドキしてました。

2005/10/15 (土) 19:36:53


This is today's my lunch,called "The best local boxed meal in Mie Pref.."I got it at one supermarket. It was 498yen. I suffered a lot about I should buy it or not,because I felt it was a waste. If I didn't buy it,there were some foods in my fridge. So I suffered it. Yeah! I'm a good housewife,right? ;-) But finally,I bought. Lately,I wanted to eat pork cutlet. This boxed meal had two piece of it,so I desided. After I got back my house,I ate it soon.
Then,I found that these were pork cutlet with miso sauce. Oh,no.... I was disappointed. I don't like moso sauce very much. Oh,I want to eat ordinary pork cutlet!!!!!

これは私の今日のランチです。”三重の地物一番弁当”と名づけてあった。スーパーで買ったの。498円だったけど、買おうかどうしようかすごく悩んだ。もし買わなくても家に食べるものはあるので勿体無いかな?と思って…。良い主婦でしょ??(笑) でも結局買った。この頃「とんかつ食べたい」とよく思ってて、このお弁当に2切れのとんかつが入ってたから。家に戻ってすぐに食べた。そしたら、これは”味噌カツ”だった!ガッカリした。私は味噌ソースが嫌いなんです(T.T)。

2005/10/14 (金) 17:23:49

My birthday is this month. The other day,my friend gave me some beautiful presents. One of them were DVD set of "Sex and the City". It's a very populer American TV drama series. We always enjoyed it and talked about it every week. But we saw the final episode the end of last month. And I felt lonely... And then,she gave me it. I never expected about it,so I was pleased very much. But....there are 12 DVD,all only English. Can I get the storyline? I want to say "I will". Hahaha. Besides, my parents,my sister and some my friends gave me a message cards or call,so I was very happy. Although,I don't wanna get older.....

私の誕生日は今月です。先日、お友達が素晴らしいプレゼントをくれました。アメリカの人気ドラマ<Sex and the City>のDVDです。いつもドラマを見た後、その話題で盛り上がってたのですが、先月末に最終回だったので寂しく感じてました。そしたら予想もしてなかったのにプレゼントしてくれたので、かなり感激しました\(^O^)/ でも12枚のDVD全て英語オンリーです。内容を理解できるかな?「多分」と言っておこう! そして、両親や姉、友達からメッセージカードや電話をもらいとってもハッピーでした。年は取りたくないけどね。。。

2005/10/12 (水) 18:55:23

I went to see "Once Upon a Time in High School"by myself this afternoon. It was Korean movie. Kwon Sangwoo in it. It had a lot of violence scean. So,first,I thouht that was violence movie? But it got interesting for me after that. It was pretty good. He acted a student at a second grade of high school,even though he was 28years old. I don't know about how old another actore are. But they looked older students,I felt. Hahaha... :-p)


2005/10/11 (火) 19:51:48

I played tennis today,too. It was good.
But....I'm stil really into Korean TV drama series on the net. I'm sooooo crazy. I want to say HELP ME!! I'm tired. I have a sore eyes every day. But I can't help watching them every day. Besides,to tell the truth,I will go to...............I'm out of here!

で、まだまだ韓国のテレビドラマをネットで見るのに夢中で〜〜す(-.-;)y-゜゜ 狂ってる(--;) 。誰か助けて〜〜!って叫びたいほどです。しんどい・・・。目が痛い。。。でも観ずに居られない。。その上・・・実は・・・・ここでやめておこう。

2005/10/10 (月) 20:11:06

ごんぎつねの湯 手作り餃子

I went for walking to "Gongitsune no Furusato"yesterday. I warked about 9,000 steps. After that,I took a hot springs called "Gongitsune no Yu". I've been there about one years ago. It was pretty comfortable,so I went there again. I felt refreshed very much, And then,I made some Chinese dumplings for dinner. They were tasty.


2005/10/07 (金) 18:40:00

I wasted little time taking a training proglam for drivers lisence this afternoon. Tha place was not so far as I thought. There were about 20 people. Trainer was a elderly man. He was not good at speaking,I thouht. Besides he spoke very fast. So I couldn't understand just a little. Anyway,I will get a new drivers lisence the end of this month. Phew...


2005/10/06 (木) 18:24:48

I went to the police station to renewal of drivers lisence this morning. But I have to take a training proglam at another place anytime soon. It is inconvenient place from my house. I can't be bothered.


2005/10/04 (火) 18:50:33

JR亀山駅 野村一里塚

I played tennis for 2 hours this morning. There only were 3people,include me. So it was pretty hard. Anyway,it's already October,right? How hot and himid every day.!! Crazy.....
Meanwhile, I went for walkng last Saturday to Kameyama City. I walked 11,888 steps for 2 hours. Kameyama City was very countryside. There were some milestones. What is milestone?? I have no idea:-)

そう言いながら、先週末は亀山市へウォーキングへ行った。2時間歩いて11,888歩。亀山市は田舎だった・・・。いくつか「一里塚」があった。一里塚って何?よく知りません(;^_^A アセアセ…