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2005/09/30 (金) 16:44:33

"Hanshin Tigers" won in the Central League yesterday before I know it. Then,many shops have a sale from today. One jeans shop I often go,sell all bottoms 20%OFF for 3days. So I bought a pair of jeans this morning. Of course I got it for 20%OFF,besides I had a cash voucher of 5,000yen. So I didn't need to spend a lot of money. How lucky!
By the way,I usually buy a loose jeans,because I don't like feeling of tight. But the jeans that I got today was pretty tight. Can I get used to wear it soon?
And,and....I went to see an eye doctor for the first time in 3years. I feel somethins strange on my right eye. I have a sore eye,and mist over and so on. Then I had some exams. But nothing bad. I got two kind of eye-drops. That's all.

昨日、知らぬ間に阪神タイガースがセリーグ優勝を決めていたf(^ー^; で、今日からたくさんのお店がセールを始めてる。よく行くジーンズショップで3日間だけボトムスが全て20%オフになってるので1着買った。もちろん20%オフで、しかも5000円分のチケットを持ってたので、ほとんどお金を使わずに済みました\(^^@)/

2005/09/26 (月) 17:43:36

伏見稲荷 金剛峰寺
I'm driving these days,too. I went to Gokasho,Shiga Pref.,the week before last. And I went to Fushimi-inari Shrine,Kyoto Pref.,last Friday. Besides,I went to Kongohbuji Temple,Mt.Koya,Wakayama Pref.,yesterday. Mt.Koya was very cool,14degrees. 
Phew..... I'm pretty tired now.
Oh! EXPO Aichi 2005 closed yesterday. I feel lonly.


2005/09/21 (水) 16:19:30

I went to see "April Snow"this morning,because it was ready's day today. I could see it by 1,000yen. There were many almost over midle age women. I saw such a crowded theater after a long time. As you know,Bae Yong Joon in it.
To tell the truth,the storyline was......not so interesting,not so good or not so bad,I thought. I saw it without emotion. Yong-sama so cool??? I have no idea at the moment. But he wasn't as bad as I thought.


2005/09/17 (土) 19:28:23

I'm searching about Kwon Sangwoo a lot on the net these days. The more I know him,the more I like him:-)
And,I saw a website called "GyaO"for the first time today. We can see some movies, some free. First,I worried about it was sound fishy. But....I tried it. Now it appeared "Winter Sonata". Then,I'v never seen it untill today,so I saw it. It was pretty good. I will see it next week.


2005/09/16 (金) 17:14:26

Welcome Autumn!! I'm glad to see you again!
By the way,I have a news! I got a new air conditioner about one month ago. Then,electricity costs went down very much. It was almost 4,000yen lower than last month. I was surprised,but happy.


2005/09/15 (木) 18:04:32

I have been forgetful these days. Yesterday,I bought some food stuffs st JUSCO,and then got back my house. Then,I cleaned my house. About one hour later,I found an untended plastic bag. OH!! I forgot to put them into fridge. Unfortunately,I got an ice cream. Gee.
Besides,I got an Manju(Japanese rice cake),but there wasn't it. I looked it for again and again. "Where is my ice? HELLO!!" After all,I couldn't find it. I was disappointed.
I'm worry about my brain.

この頃、物忘れがひどい!昨日はジャスコで食料品を買ってきて帰ってきて、すぐに掃除をした。そして1時間後にほったらかしてある買い物バッグを発見!あ〜〜!食材を冷蔵庫へ入れ忘れてました…>_<… アンラッキーなことにアイスクリームも買ったのに。その上、お饅頭を1個買ったのにどこにも無い。何度も探したけど、結局見つかりませんでした。ガッカリ。・・・っていうか、私の脳は大丈夫なのか?

2005/09/13 (火) 22:12:01

I saw my friends at Nagoya after a long time. We had lunch at a very popular restaurant. It was so tasty. It called"Kaze no Budo". But....latery I don't have appetite,so I couldn't eat a lot. I want to go there again!!
After that,I bought a bag. Huhuhu. It's a very famous brand name.

その後、某有名ブランドの鞄を買った。ふふふ (~v~)

2005/09/12 (月) 17:39:33

大滝渓谷(豊田市) 足助

I went to Odaki-Valley(Toyota City) and Asuke yesterday. They both were famous for yelllow and red leaves. But green leaves were good,too,I thought. I got some good air.


005/09/08 (木) 16:01:39

As a matter of fact, I really into "Sad Love Story" now. It's Korean TV drama series. The other day,I saw it on TV in my house by chance. My first impression was not so good, I thought "No way!" "Why?" "Impossible!",while watching it. -There is a young couple. The girl is blind. They were dispersed,because of sad fate. They weren't able to see again easily. Besides,there are some meanie friends.- It's getting interesting for me. Then,I'm watching it every early afternoon with tears. Kwon Sangwoo is very cool. Ha ha ha. Oh! Let me point out that I'm not interested in Yong-sama.

実は・・・今「悲しき恋歌」にハマッテいま〜すf(^ー^; 韓国のテレビドラマです。先日、家でテレビを見ていたら偶然見てしまい(笑)、最初の印象はそんなに良くなくて見ながら「まさか!」「なんで?」「あり得へん〜!」と思っていました。・・・若いカップルがいて、彼女は盲目。彼らは運命で引き離されてしまい、なかなか再会することが出来ず、さらに意地悪な友達も何人か居て・・・っていう感じです。段々面白くなってきて、今では毎日昼過ぎに泣きながら見ています(;^_^A  クォン・サンウがカッコイイ♪ エヘヘ。
でも言っておきますが、ヨン様は好きじゃないですよ (~v~)。

2005/09/06 (火) 19:00:09

I got back yesterday early night from Matsuyama,Ehime Pref.. My cousin's wedding reception was very beautiful. She was very cute. I had a great time with my relatives after a long time. I enjoyed very much.
By the way, the propeller plain was not so scary than I thouht. I enjoyed it,too.

昨日の夜、愛媛県の松山から帰宅しました。 従姉妹の結婚式は素晴らしかったし、彼女はとても綺麗でした。 かなり久しぶりに親戚と一緒に過ごして楽しかった。 

2005/09/02 (金) 16:01:37

I will get on a plane tomorrow to somewhere. I'm going to go to my cousin's wedding ceremony and party by myself. I like airplane. But...the typhoon 14th is gaining strength as it heads for Kyushu,isn't it?? OH! Terrible!!! Maybe it's no problem about tomorrow,but it looks dengerous about next Monday. I will get back early-evening on Monday. I feel nervous. I will write where I go when I get back my house.

明日は飛行機に乗って某場所へ出かける予定。従姉妹の結婚式&披露宴に出席するためです。飛行機は大好きです。でも台風14号が発達しながら九州へ向かってるみたい(T.T) 怖〜い!多分明日は大丈夫だろうけど、今度の月曜は怖そう…>_<… 月曜の夕方の便で帰る予定なのに〜〜〜。かなり心配。どこへ行くのかは帰ってから書きます。