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2005/05/31 (火) 15:53:28

It's little windy today. But I played tennis this morning for two hours. Of course I enjoyed it today,too!
By the way,it is the end of may today,isn't it? Oh! Time flies.

そして、今日はもう5月最終日! 早すぎる…>_<…

2005/05/30 (月) 18:37:53

I'm not interested in Sumo. I don't know any Sumo Wrestler's name now. But,I used to watch it on TV when I was child, because my parents like it. That time,my favorite wrestler was Takanohana. He was not so strong,but looked very cute,I thought. Lately ,I heard a few his unhapply news,as you know.
Little while ago, the broadcaster said "Futagoyama Oyakata died of sick". Oh!It's him. I feel very sorry. May his soul rest in peace.......


2005/05/27 (金) 9:07:18

Morgan Freeman appeared in "Waratte Iitomo"to promote for a movie yesterday.
I think that he is a great movie actor. I like him very much. So I was very pleased.
I rarely watch it,so I was lucky.


2005/05/20 (金) 15:52:07
セントレア イタリア村(名古屋港)

These days I was busy,because I went to EXPO as I wrote, and I went to Centrair and Italia Village. Centrair was very crowded a lot of viewers,so I couldn't get seats for a cup of tea. And there were not a lot of airplane. Gee.
And then,about Italia Village. It was little raining,but there are long line in front of some popular restaurants. I didn't stand in there. But I could have a tasty pizza at a small shop. It was very big size and very good. I couldn't eat all,so I took the leftovers home. Good. Italian Village was smaller than I thought.

このごろずっと忙しかった。書いたように万博に行ったし、セントレアにもイタリア村にも行った。 セントレアは見物客ですごく混んでいて、お茶する場所もありませんでした(T.T)。しかも、飛行機があんまり居なかった…残念。

2005/05/18 (水) 16:31:40

I went to Aichi EXPO this Mon.. Of course it was crowded. I took my time over 10hours at there. But it was not enough to see a lot of pavillion.
Anyway,I enjoyed very much,and I'd like to go to there again!

月曜日に愛知万博に行ってきた。もちろん混んでました(-.-;)y-゜゜ 10時間以上居たけど、パビリオンをあまり見れなかった。でも楽しかったし、また行きたいっ!

2005/05/11 (水) 19:02:40

I'm not interested in Korean Star. But I watched a TV program of Korean language last night by chance. There was one kindly face man. I thought who was he?? I had no idea that time. And then,I watched a news program little while ago. It said about today's EXPO and today was Korean Special day. And some Korean singers were singing. Then!!!! That man appeared there. He is a famous singer! He is Ryu. Wow! I didn't know. Am I wrong?

韓国スターに興味が無いのですが、昨日偶然、韓国語の勉強のテレビを見たら、優しそうな顔のお兄さんが♪ 誰??全然わかりませんでした。で、ついさっきニュースを見ていたら愛知万博の話になって、今日は韓国デーということで、韓国の歌手が数名歌っていました。で、その中にあの人が!! なんと有名な歌手、Ryuさんだったようです。知らなかったなぁ・・・・。もしかして見間違え??

2005/05/10 (火) 17:00:20

This is my racket. I used an old one until last month. I got it when I was junior college students. How many years ago????? Oh,I don't want to think about it... Terrible!!
Then,one my friend gave me this new one.I heard that she got it from her neighbor. It's a used goods,but looks like brand-new. How lucky I am!! Lately,I play with it. It fits on me.
I just feel like improve my tennis, when I use it. I'm happy. I enjoyed it today,too.

で、新しいこれを友だちから頂きました。彼女が隣人にもらったという中古品なのですが、新品同様です。すごいラッキー\(^O^)/ 最近これを使ってテニスしてますがすごくいい感じで、まるで上達したように感じられます。嬉しい♪ 今日も楽しんで来ました。

2005/05/09 (月) 15:12:59

鞍ヶ池公園 豊田市

I'll write about my GW again!
I went to Sakushima Island on May3. I heard that Sakushima is the most biggest island in Aichi pref.. And it is three times as large as the TDL,and,and...population is about 300.
We can go to there by a boat from Isshiki port. It was a small,looked like a bus stop,I thought. Besides we have a boat once two hours!! It took about 20 minutes between Isshiki ans Sakushima. Boat is my most dislike vehicle,because I'm weak in such a rolling and pitching. I was afraid it. Fortunately it was a calm when I got it. Phew......
There were two port in Sakushima,both were south area. I left off a boat at west port,and then walked through sea side road and forest road to east direction. There were practically nothing. There were less people. I wish I had taken a lunch. But there were few small shop near by east port,so we had boiled shrimps,boiled octopus,garlic saute of shellfish and so on. Maybe they were great. But,in fact,I don't like almostthem,so I ate them a little. I hate sea-smelling foods.
Next. I went for walking to Kuragaike Park in Toyota City on May 5. It appeared on my walking book. There were some play area,small zoo and a botanical garden,so a lot of family and couple were there. They all looked happy. But,about me....I walked a forest road,went up and down,up and was very hard to me. And I rarely saw another walker at there either. I sweated a lot.
It was sunny and hot for both days. A lot of flower were full bloom. It was the best season for walking now,wasn't it??

5月3日に佐久島へ。佐久島は愛知県でイチバン大きな離島で、東京ディズニーランドの3倍の面積、人口約300人と聞いた。 島へは一色港から船が出ていたけど・・・一見バス停みたいな港で、しかも2時間に1本しかありません! 一色〜佐久島間はおよそ20分ぐらいでした。船は私のイチバン苦手な乗り物で、あの揺れ具合が苦手…>_<…でもこの日は幸い波が静かだったのでよかった。佐久島には南のエリアに2つ港があり、私は西港で降りて海沿い&林の中の道を東に向けて歩きました。ホントに何も無いところで、人にも滅多に出会いませんでした。お弁当を持っていくべきでしたf(^ー^; でも、東港の近くにすこしお店があり、ゆでエビ、ゆでダコ、あさりのガーリックソテーなどを食べました。でも実は私は全部嫌いなので、ちょっとだけ食べただけですσ(^◇^;) 磯臭いものが大嫌いなんです〜〜〜。

2005/05/06 (金) 16:33:15


I'll talk about my GW. I walked a lot. Like what,I went for walking to Sakushima Island in Aichi pref.,and I went to Kuragaike Park in Toyota City for walking,etc.
It was fine and pretty hot for GW,wasn't it? So,I'm little tired. But I enjoyed them. 


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