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2005/04/28 (木) Housework-家事
2005/04/26 (火) Went for drive
2005/04/22 (金) At the Dentist's
2005/04/19 (火) Panettone-パネトーネ
2005/04/18 (月) Spring more!
2005/04/13 (水) How are you?-調子はどう?
2005/04/09 (土) Cherry blossoms-桜
2005/04/08 (金) New Sneaker-新しいスニーカー
2005/04/07 (木) Radio Gymnasticsーラジオ体操
2005/04/05 (火) Sizeーサイズ
2005/04/04 (月) Swoosh Visorーサンバイザー
2005/04/01 (金) THE AVIATOR-アビエイター
2005/04/01 (金) 15:20:20   THE AVIATOR

I went to see "THE AVIATOR"today. As you know today is "MoviesDay"almost theater,isn't it? Biseides It's Spring holiday! So I was afraid that it would be crowd. When I arrived there,there was a pretty long line in fron of the ticket office. I thought "Oh,no!". But...there were many small theater and almost people saw different one with me. So there were about 15people in it. Phew! The theater was comfortable today,too!
Lately I loved Leonard DiCaprio. He looked like child before,but getting cool now,I think. The word"QUARANTINE"often appeared in the movie. I got this new word.
Anyway,the story was exiting and fun, so I had a great time. But...180min. was pretty hard for me.


2005/04/04 (月) 15:38:53    Swoosh Visor

I want something to get. It's a NIKE's Swoosh Visor. Maria Sharapova who is tennis player wore it. I sometimes searched it at some stores,but I couldn't find. Then,I did it on the net now,finally I found. It seems NIKE's golf things. They have three kind of color-Black,White and Red. I'd like to get white one,but it will show dirt, so I will buy black one. There weren't at Sports store near my house. Where can I buy it? I have to go to a Golf store or something? Umm...

欲しいものがある! ナイキのSwoosh Visorです。テニスのマリア・シャラポアが使ってたやつ。時々お店で探してたけど無くて、今ネットで探しててやっと見つけた。ナイキのゴルフ用品みたいだ。3色あって、黒・白・赤。白欲しいけど、汚れが目立つから黒を買おうかな?近所のスポーツ用品店に置いてないけど、どこで買えるんだろう?ゴルフショップに行かないとダメ?

2005/04/05 (火) 16:00:16    Size

I tried on a couple of pants at a jeans shop today. The size of my pants is getting large. Especially my flabby thighs are too fat,so every pants were too tight. If I will get fat more,maybe I can't buy pants at the shop,because there weren't more large one. OHHHHH!!!
And,the shop staff who looks in her 20's was slim very much. No,no,she was skinny rather than slim.
Despite this, she said to me"You are slim". I'm sure she is liar!!

今日ジーンズショップで2〜3試着した。私のパンツのサイズはドンドンビッグになってる。特にたるんだ太もも…>_<… どれもきつかった。もしこれ以上太ったらこの店で買えなくなる。それ以上大きいサイズが無かったから。。。 キャァ〜〜!!! しかも、20代に見えたそのスリムな店員さんは…いやいや、スリムというよりむしろガリガリな店員さん!それにもかかわらず私に「スリムですね〜」などと言った。間違いなく彼女は嘘つきだ!!プンプン!(←さとう珠緒風)

2005/04/07 (木) 16:16:40    Radio gymnasticsーラジオ体操

I usually do the ironing from 2:00pm once a week while listening to the radio of NHK. The News of English started at 2:00pm. After that three kind of English conversation programs started at 2:15pm,and finished at 3:00pm. They were very good for me.
After that,the Radio gymnastics started. I'm not sure but maybe almost Japanese people who are living in Japan know it. Then,I did it after a long time. It was harder than I thought. And I didn't remember how should I do about second part of it. Oh,no!! But this gymnastics was good for me,too. I might as well do them every day.

で、その後、多分日本在住の日本人なら誰でも知っている・・・ラジオ体操が始まりました。かなり久しぶりにやってみたら、思ったよりハードでした。それに第2体操をどうすればいいのか思い出せませんでした…>_<… でもこの体操もすごく良いと思うので、毎日続けようかなぁ〜〜?

2005/04/08 (金) 14:47:32   New Sneaker-新しいスニーカー 


This is my new sneaker bought at Nagoya the ather day. I wore these and went out for the first time. It's pretty good! I have to take care what they looks easy to get soiled from the dirt.


2005/04/09 (土) 13:50:23    Cherry blonnoms-桜

2005.4.09 満開の桜

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom near my house. I think today is the best day to watch them.
Maybe I have never had a cherry-viewing party in my life. I usually only go pass the row of cherry blossom trees. But it's enough to me.

近所の桜が満開です。今日がイチバンのお花見日和だと思う。多分私は今までに「花見パーティー」に参加したことが無いわ。 いつも桜並木を通り過ぎるだけ。でもそれで充分です。

2005/04/13 (水) 17:52:51    How are you?-調子はどう?

I took a English lesson this morning. My teacher who is very funny man usually ask us"How are you? How was your weekend?" Of course today.too. In fact,I'm not good since yesterday.Then I was going to say that "I'm not good. I have stomachach and I feel a little dizzy. But I'm getting better because you are so funny!" But...the results was....he only asked me about my weekend. What a shame!


2005/04/18 (月) 16:59:40     Spring more!

醒ヶ井のタンポポ 醒ヶ井宿の桜並木

I took those photos at Samegai-Juku. It was post station of Nakasendo. I have been to there once,Jan.2004. That time,there were still snow,but this time,there were a lot of flower. I like both.
It's spring completely,but I still need Kotatsu and fan heater.


2005/04/19 (火) 16:16:08    Panettone-パネトーネ

I love panettone!! I'm not sure,but maybe it's a special bread from Italy. I heard that panettone was a kind of natural yeast. I sometimes see it at some bakery,but they are always pretty expensive! Then,last week,I found it that was sold reasonable at one bakery. I was pleased!! I will go to there once a week........ I'm happy♪


2005/04/22 (金) 16:34:01    At the Dentist-歯医者で

This month,I went and saw my dentist for the first time in two years. I will tell why I went there. I had little hyperesthesia on my left upper teeth. So I had to go to treated three times. It finished this morning. Then,I heard pretty interesting things. Almost people who are right-handed usually have hyperesthesia on their left,because when they are toothbrushing, they feel easier to do it on their left than their right. So, they brush thier left teeth too hard.
I never found about it. But now I come to think of it,I'm really to do so. I must watch out for myself.

今月2年ぶりに歯医者へ行きました。なぜかと言うと、左上の歯がちょっと知覚過敏になっていたからです。で3回通って今日終了したのですが、すごく面白いことを聞きました。 右利きのほとんどの人は、左側の歯に知覚過敏が起こるそうです。なぜかというと、歯を磨くときに右利きの人は、自分の右側より左側の歯のほうが磨きやすいので、ついつい念入りに磨きすぎて知覚過敏になるらしい。今まで気づかなかったけど今考えてみると実際私もそうしている!!! 気をつけなければ…

2005/04/26 (火) 16:58:37    Went for driveードライブ

I went for drive last weekend. It was beautiful day,so I felt so nice. First,I stopped at Kayabuki no Sato in Kyoto pref.,and next I stopped at Amanohasihidate. After that I passed under the Amarube iron bridge,and I stayed at Yumura Hot springs in Hyogo pref. for a night. This photo is Kayabuki no Sato. It looks like small Shirakawago. There were a lot of thatched house. They were very good.
And next day,I stopped at Izushi town in Hyogo. Izushi town is famous for Izushi soba. I had a great holiday.

週末ドライブ旅行しました。すごく天気が良かった。 最初に京都にある”かやぶきの里”というところに寄ってそれから”天橋立”にも寄りました。で、兵庫県にある”余部鉄橋”も通過して湯村温泉に1泊しました。写真は”かやぶきの里”です。ここは白川郷の小さいバージョン風の村で、かやぶきの家がたくさんありました。すごくいい雰囲気でした。翌日はソバで有名な出石にも寄りました〜。なかなか楽しい休日でした。

2005/04/28 (木) 17:28:25    Housework-家事

I did housework almost whole day today. What?? Is it naturally?? NO WAY!
I aired out futon and kotatsu's futon.whashed a lot of things, did a fan heater cleaning,did some rooms and closet cleaning and so on. I'm pretty tired. I didn't have a time to see a movie this week..... OH! I have to do a bath cleaning after this and cook something for dinner...

布団&こたつ布団を干して、洗濯もいっぱいして、ファンヒーターの掃除をして、部屋&押入れも掃除したりした。。。結構疲れた…>_<… 今週は映画を見る時間も無かったなぁ・・・・。あっ\(◎o◎)/!この後、お風呂掃除&夕飯の用意もしなければ。。。

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