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2004/02/27 (金) 14:19:16

I watched a movie"The Fourth Angel" on TV last night. Jeremy Irons in it. I thought he is from U.S until now, but he is from England. This film was collaborated by England and Canada.
Jeremy Irons played Jack who is a writter. He has three(or four)lovely children and wife. They were going to go to trip ,but the passenger plane was hijacked. The result his wife and doughter died. His youngest son and he survived. After that the air pirates were go free soon. Jack was really angry when he knew it. And he sterted search why the air plane was hijacked. Then he found a few criminal and killed them. FBI suspection rests on him..... But they found that the key figure in this case was member of CIA. Finally Jack cooperated with FBI and this case was cracked. But the key figure and FBI's good man were died....
I like such a storyline. I felt thrilled all the while watching. But it was pretty sad.

昨夜、”The Fourth Angel”(エグゼキューター・地獄の黙示録)という映画をテレビで見た。ジェレミー・アイアンズが主演で、たった今まで彼はアメリカ人だと思ってたけど、英国出身みたい!この映画は、英国&カナダの合作でした。
ジェレミー・アイアンズは記者のジャック役。 3人(4人だったかな?)の可愛い子供たちと奥さんがいて、旅行に行こうとしていたところで、旅客機がハイジャックされてしまった。それで、娘たちと奥さんを殺され、一番幼い息子とジャックだけが生き残った。 暫くしてすぐにハイジャック犯が釈放されたと知ったジャックは怒り狂って、何故ハイジャックされたのか、自分で捜査を始める。そして、数人の犯人を見つけて殺し、FBIが彼に容疑をかける。しかし、黒幕はCIAの人間であることが分り、ジャックとFBIは協力して捜査し、事件は解決した。でも、黒幕もFBIの親切だった人も殺されてしまった・・・・。

2004/02/26 (木) 16:29:39

The weather was little strange. I will go to shopping every morning. But it started raining when I was going to go out. So I stayed at home for a moment. After 30min. I went to the Bank, Drug store and Super market. It was bouring day today,too...

ちょっとヘンな天気ですね。 いつも午前中に買い物に行くのに、今日は出かけようとしたら雨が降り始めたので辞めて・・・30分後に出かけた。 銀行、薬局・スーパーマーケット。 今日もつまらない1日でした…>_<…

2004/02/24 (火) 19:06:21

I played tennis today. The weather was good so I felt great. But these days I have a wristache..... Maybe I did strange strke. Too bad(T.T).
After that my friends took me their friends house. The friends friend is very good at miniature work. There were a lot of her works and their all exellent!! And she have a miniature duchshund that said Marron! She was so cute and crever dog! I had a great time today,too.

今日テニスの日でした。お天気も良くて気持ちよかった。 でもこの頃、手首が痛いんです…>_<…たぶんヘンな打ち方してるからかも?ダメだわ、そんなんじゃ・・・。テニスの後、友達の友達の家へ連れて行ってもらいました。その方は、ミニチュア細工(?)がとても上手な人で、家の中にはたくさんの彼女の作品が飾ってありました。全部スゴイ!! そしてミニチュアダックスのマロンちゃんを飼っていて、とっても可愛くてお利口でした▽・w・▽ 楽しい1日でした。。。。今日も。

2004/02/23 (月) 8:52:19
Yesterday, I went to the beauty salon and I had a hair cut for the first time in three months. There was pretty crowded, so I had to wait about one hour.
I serched a lot of hair do by internet and I found a good one. So I printed out and brought it. The result it was little shorter than I thought, but not bad.

(. I brought this picture to beauty salon, the woman isn't me.)

昨日、3ヶ月ぶりに美容院でカットしました。結構混んでいて1時間待ちました。 インターネットでヘアスタイルを探して、イイ感じのを見つけたので、プリントアウトして持参しました〜〜(笑) 結果・・・思ったよりちょっと短くなってしまったけど、まあいいです。。。。


2004/02/20 (金) 14:28:31

What a warm day today, too!! I want to play tennis on such a day.
I usually do clean my house every other day. But I did it yesterday, and also today. It will become active if it is fine! I feel good.
Today, I got a grilled eel. I will make like a Hitsumabusi for dinner. I like it very much.

なんて暖かいの〜〜\(^^@)/  こんな日にテニスしたいわ〜〜。

2004/02/16 (月) 14:21:15

I saw NBA All Stars Game on T.V. today. Always NBA's game is on NHK Satellite only once a week,I guess. So I can hardly watch it. But I know many star players and they appeare today's game. My favorite player is Allen Iverson. He is short as a player of basketball, but his play is very cool!! I rooted for the Team EAST but they lost the game 132 to 136. It's really too bad.
By the way, there were a lot of show. The guests were deluxe. First, Christina Aguilera sang a "Star-Spangled Banner", and Beyonce appeared a halftime show. I know they are popular artists, but I don't know that about them.


2004/02/14 (土) 15:46:37

Today I baked some cookies for the first time in over five years. It's not made their because Valentine's Day. Now, I'm having their with coffee. They are pretty bad!!! In fact I'm not good at bake it. Today's one was flat taste,too. I put a lot of sugar in their, but they are not sweet...... Why??? I always felt it was too difficult for me.

今日、5年以上ぶりにクッキーを焼きました。別にバレンタインデーだからというわけではありません。今それを食べながらコーヒーを飲んでいるのですが・・・かなりマズイ(--;) 。実は私はお菓子作りが大の苦手です。今日のも美味しく無い! たくさん砂糖が入ってるのに甘くない。何で???お菓子作りは難し過ぎます・・・。

2004/02/12 (木) 16:05:11


I went for walking yesterday,too. Do you know this photo's place? I guess, everyone right. It's Nagoya City Hall. I walked from here to Meitetsu Ozone Station. Yesterday was very warm,so I didn't need my coat. After that, I ate " Yakizakana teishoku (Grilled fish plate)" for lunch. I thought it was law calorie content. But..... the grilled Japanese spanish Mackerel was too salty, so I'm not able to eat over half. Too bad.

昨日もウォーキング。 この写真の場所知ってますか〜? たぶん皆さんご存知ですよね。名古屋市役所です。ここから名鉄大曽根駅まで歩きました。 昨日はとても暖かかったのでコート無しでOKでした。歩いた後、”焼き魚定食”を食べました。低カロリーかな?と思って。 でもその焼き鰆は、かなり塩辛くて半分以上残しました・・・…>_<… イマイチだったわ(‐_‐)。

2004/02/10 (火) 15:28:16


Wow!! What a beautiful day today, isn't it??? I feel so happy♪ And then, I played tennis for four people(include me). My new shoes was pretty good. My feeling will become good when I do a sports. But I felt I need a sun block next time... And it appeared snow capped mountains today,too. Of course I took some photos. Please compare the last week's their. Today's it is so beautiful blue sky! 
By the way, it will be warm tomorrow, so I'm going to go to drive or walking somewhere.

今日は何て良いお天気なんでしょう〜〜〜\(^O^)/ かなりハッピーな気分です。
今日は4人でテニス。新しいシューズもなかなか良い感じだし、スポーツすると気分爽快ですよね!でも、来週から日焼け止めが必要だと思いました・・・。それから、今日も綺麗な雪山が見えていました。もちろん写真も撮影済み! 下の先週の写真と比べてみてください。青空が綺麗でしょ〜〜〜?


2004/02/09 (月) 18:48:35

I went and saw Kabuki last week for the first time in eight months. Of course I enjoyed it. I have to update about it, but I'm pretty busy these days. .....
Today, I finally got a pair of tennis shoes. After a lot of hesitation, I choose adidas's one. I can't wait to wear it to play tennis tomorrow!

今日は、ついにテニスシューズをゲット♪ 散々迷った末にadidasのものを買いました。明日履いてテニスするのが楽しみです〜〜〜!

2004/02/04 (水) 16:58:55

My friends and I played tennis yesterday,too. I had a great time! Today's photos are tennis court that I usualy play here. There are snow capped mountain behind the park. Always it's very beautiful. I love it.
By the way, yesterday was Setsubun. So,I scattered roasted soy beans inside and outside. And I turned to the east-northeast and ate "rolled sushi" it didn't cut. And I ate a true sardine,too. In fact, I don't like sardine very mach, because it has a lot of small fish bone.


2004/02/03 (火) 16:47:47
I bought a book" Let's Enjoy Walking-Tokai and Chubu" last week. This book introduce fifty-two course to walking. Besides, a consumption calorie and the number of steps have also appeared in this book.
Then, I tryed to walking Inuyama this Sunday. I parked a car at Meitetsu Inuyama Station, and started from there. This course is 5.1km and 8500 steps. It will burn 235 kcal. ( They are standard level.) I dropped in Inuyama Castle. We can go up the Castle tower. The stairs were very steep,but there has an exellent view!!
After that, I ate a "Misonikomi-Udon" near the castle. It was not bad. The end of this course is same the starting point.
By the way, I ate a cake with coffe after walking. I'm a stupid!!
Yesterday, I updated some photos in my site. Please show their.

早速、日曜日に犬山コースを歩いてみました。 名鉄犬山駅に車を駐車して、そこからスタート。 このコースは全長5.1キロメートルで8500歩。消費カロリーは235kcalだそうですが、これは標準値です。