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2003/07/29 (火) 15:55:41

This is sunset one day last week.
I'm having nothing to do today,too. So, I tried ink jet printing some photo that I took it by digital camera. Always, when I print their, I do directly. And the photo was not good. So, I corrected a color tone today. And result was good!


2003/07/27 (日) 15:56:06

It's sunny day. But I ray around the house all day today.
I watched the fireworks of Sumidagawa on TV last night. It was so beautiful. But, I thought that it was the most trashy than others. Because we can't feel a enough punch. I thought bouring. Then, I heared a fireworks sounds through the window. What is it?? And then, I could watch the fireworks. Probably, they did next to my town. But I could watch it very well. I'm lucky!!
By the way, today is Midsummer Day of Ox(Doyo-no-ushi), isn't it? Do you like an eel? I like it. I got an eel filleted and grilled in soy sauce.I will cook it "Hitsumabushi." How about you? If you know special recipe, please teach me.

 今日は、土用の丑ですね。ウナギ好きですか?わたしは大好き! 今日は蒲焼を買ってきたから、ひつまぶしにする予定ですけど、他に何かグッドな食べ方をご存知でしたら教えてください〜〜。

2003/07/26 (土) 9:10:46

I ordered some mineral water by catalog selling last week. They came yesterday. The deliveryman was a woman who appear to be aged around 60. She was very powerful. Because she can lift the water about 24KG. I tried it but I couldn't. I said to her " You are powerful woman, aren't you?" So, she said " My family business is a rice dealer". I got it!

2003/07/23 (水) 13:39:46


Recently it is getting hot, isn't it. I ray around the house all day. I skiped this diary a few days. I'm sorry....
Today's weather is rain and cool, but it is humid inside the room. And I can't sleep without run an air conditioner. After all, I don't like summer.
Last weekend I went for a drive to Mt.Ontake at Nagano. I took an aerial cableway. So I was looking forward to watching that was surrounded all four sides by mountains. But the day was bad weather.

2003/07/18 (金) 16:42:28
Yesterday, I took a Engrish class. Next time is last class.
After that I went to "Tower Record" at Nagoya by my car.
And I bought 80 Chinese dumpling. Do you know the shop "White Gyoza"? This is Gyoza chain. It is sooooooo tasty!! I love this dumpling. But it is different how to pan-fried others.



We have 3 days weekend. Do you have many plan? I will go for long drive. I hope it will be a nice day......

2003/07/15 (火) 18:02:37

It was sunny afternoon. I did washing and aired out the futon.
I got a one-piece dress on sale. It is pretty good. I'm looking forward to wear it to somewhere.
By the way, I saw two movies this afternoon. there were so nice. I updated my "movie's diary". Please read it ,if you have a time.


2003/07/14 (月) 18:01:42

I washed my car last Saturday. But after that, I went for a drive to minimountain pass, so my car was muddy again.... I'm sad.
I went to ×××Seculities Co.,Ltd. tuday, too.( I went to there last Friday.) And...I have to go there one more time tomorrow. It's a pain!
The wether forecast pedicted that it will be clear tomorrow. So, I want to do washing, air out the futon, clean up my house...
Time is money!

 今日、また金曜日と同じく、○○証券へ出かけました。しかしまた明日も行かなければいけなくなりました。面倒です! 天気予報では明日は晴れると言っていたので、洗濯・布団干し・掃除・・・とやることがたくさんあるのにぃぃぃぃぃ。。。

2003/07/11 (金) 16:07:36

 今日は、稀に見る最悪な一日でした。用事で出かけたが、書類不備で再び出直すハメに! その後、買い物を済ませ、電車に乗ろうと駅に到着したら・・・ちょうど電車が出たところで、次の電車までの待ち時間、なんと42分(/--)/ 目の前が真っ暗になった。でもどうしようも無いので、誰もいないホームの待合室でパンなんか食べてた(昼過ぎていたから)。そうすると、さっきまで晴れていた空から、いきなりの集中豪雨!日傘しか持ってなかったのに・・・・・。なんとか42分待ったけど、電車が来ない(T.T)。ホームに止まってる電車は、反対方向行きだし・・・・。しかし!!!実は、その反対ホームに停車していた電車が、私が42分も待っていた電車だったことに、発車後気づいた(×_×;)。再び22分待つことを余儀なくされた。
ホームで1時間以上も電車を待ったことなんて・・・今までに無い!1時間あれば、新幹線ならどこまで行けるだろう??とか余計なことばかり脳裏に浮かんだ。 やっと電車に乗れて、そのときにはすっかり雷雨もおさまっていたのだが・・・家に着くと、ベランダの洗濯物が、脱水しないで干したみたいにびしょ濡れだった。最低(><)。

2003/07/10 (木) 19:06:29

Last sunday, I saw FORMULA NIPPON at Suzuka Circuit for the first time. In fact I won a prize and got the tickets. I was lucky! It was very exciting, but I felt the sound of the engine was little noisy.
I wanted to take a photo more, but the car was faster than I tought. So, I can't. And vehicle fumes were bad-smelling. The weather was rainy, so visibility was poor.



2003/07/09 (水) 8:30:38

 一昨日、冷蔵庫の中から、すごく恐ろしいモノを発見! 「え??何??これは???梅干しのはずなんだけど・・・・・???」。GWに実家から、手作りの梅干しを少し分けてもらってきました。それはラップに包んで、更にアルミホイルで被って密閉できるビニール袋に入れて持ち帰ったのですが、実は・・・そのままの状態で冷蔵庫に保存していたんです。久しぶりに食べようとしたら、恐ろしいものに姿を変えてました。知らなかったデス・・・・・アルミって・・・・・酸に溶けるんですね??穴だらけになっって黒くなったアルミを恐る恐る開くと、銀色っぽくなった梅干しが・・・(×_×;)。勿体無いことをしました・・・。でも怖かった〜〜〜。

I found a scary thing from my refrigerate. "Oh! What's this?? It's Umeboshi in my memory.....?" I got mother's handmade Umeboshi last GW. It was wraped a plastic and another aluminum foil, and plastic closable bag. I saved it as-is. I tried it after a long time, so it changed horification. I didn't know that the acidum desolve the aluminum(?). That was waste. And it was scared.

2003/07/04 (金) 15:42:55

I bought a new car, so I have to say good bye to my CROWN with a Omiya license plate. It is somewhat lonly. We(CROWN&I) have many memories of drive. And he bring my mind back to theft of one year and nine months ago. That's disgusting! !
I often washed and polished him(CROWN), so always beautiful. He has comfortable ride....... Thank you CROWN. Good bye and I hope that you are bought a good person!


2003/07/03 (木) 19:11:42


I was very busy these days. I have to do many things, so I'm very tired.
Yesterday, I went to the dentist. It was three times a month. I have a healthy teath. It is good! So, I don't know my dentist's face. It is strange thing.

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